Department of International Studies

Department of International Studies

Department of International Studies

Language is a fundamental part of everyday communication and information retrieval, and essential for creating, expressing and engaging with cultural identities.

The Department of International Studies stands at the nexus of language and culture. Its strong relationship with international communities in Australia and abroad gives the department a strong foundation in understanding languages and their value.

The department has one of the largest ranges of areas of study, and offers the Bachelor of International Studies which combines the study of cultures and global society with the acquisition of an Asian or European language and overseas study - equipping you with transferable intercultural skills that are highly valued in today’s globalised job market.

Find more information on language and international studies at Macquarie University.

Ranked in the top 8 universities offering modern languages in Australia and New Zealand, and one of Sydney’s leading language hubs, the Department of International Studies is recognised for its innovative and engaging modes of education, including in its online courses.

The Department's world-class research investigates the role of language in creating and representing cultural identities and their impact on linguistic and literary products in social life.

Our focus on learning and teaching enables our students to achieve excellent learning outcomes. The Bachelor of International Studies provides you with the opportunity to expose yourself to a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding global, regional, and local cultural contexts.

In a world where multilingualism is becoming the norm, studying an additional language is a recommended key component of many other study options across the University, including the Diploma of Languages.

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