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Our research

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Indigenous studies supports challenging projects and researchers interested in making a significant contribution to strengthening the socio-economic fabric of Australia through positive change, understanding and knowledge.

Dharug Knowledges

We acknowledge the Wattamattagal people of the Dharug nation as the custodians of the land on which we work. As a department we are committed to the promotion and continuation of Dharug cultures and knowledges. We recognise the invaluable contribution of Dharug peoples to the university and the broader community. The Department of Indigenous Studies offers an undergraduate unit of study dedicated to Dharug perspectives about Country. Dharug Country: People, Places and Presences allows students to connect with contemporary Dharug people and learn about the impact of colonisation on the community and also better understand how Dharug people and communities have resisted and survived. Dharug people will share stories of importance so students can be more aware of the politics of place.

painting of dharug people

Burbagana (*Darug –‘Take Hold of my Hand and Help Me Up’) by Leanne Tobin

Indigenous Digital Humanities

The Department of Indigenous Studies works collaboratively with industry partners including the Aboriginal Health and Research Council, ReachOut and the Office of the eSafety Commissioner to produce Indigenous-centered research and community resources. Our current research projects include examinations of the impact of cyberbullying; online community building; and Indigenous peoples’ online social connections.

Cyberbullying Resources


Carlson, B. (2018). Cyberbullying and Indigenous Australians: a summary. Sydney: Macquarie University.

Literature Review:

Carlson, B., & Frazer, R. (2018). Cyberbullying and Indigenous Australians: a review of the literature. Sydney: Macquarie University.

Cyberbullying Isn't Our Way Poster

Pride in Our Mob Poster

What is Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Can Also Lead to Trauma

Parents and Caregivers Poster

Indigenous Queer Studies

Our department is engaged with research on the gender and sexual diversities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. With current projects that focus on contemporary LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer) identity and community online, our faculty contributes to research that enriches our knowledge about the intimacies and experiences of Indigenous life. This is the only research focus of its kind in Australia and internationally.

Post Graduate Opportunities

Master of Indigenous Education

The department views education as a crucial, empowering tool for Indigenous Australians and a vehicle for educating non-Indigenous people about Indigenous people, culture and histories. From 2020 our Masters of Indigenous Education will be condensed into a one-year online coursework Masters, consisting of entirely Indigenous Studies units. This course will be centered around Trauma Informed Practice, and teaching skills and knowledges to work with and for Indigenous peoples.

Masters of Indigenous Education Poster

Masters of Research in Indigenous Studies (MRES)

PHD in Indigenous Studies

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