Our research

Our research

The Department of Indigenous Studies conducts research in branches of knowledge relating to the methods and ethics of Indigenous culture, experience and identity. This cross-disciplinary approach means there are no real limits on the fields and topics of potential research projects.

The department develops emerging Indigenous scholars through providing supervision, networking opportunities and guidance.

Areas of research

Indigenous studies supports challenging projects and researchers interested in making a significant contribution to strengthening the socio-economic fabric of Australia through positive change, understanding and knowledge.

Indigenous education

The department views education as a crucial, empowering tool for Indigenous Australians and a vehicle for educating non-Indigenous people about Indigenous people, culture and histories. Research includes all levels of education but centres on higher education.

Racism and self-perceptions

Macquarie’s Indigenous studies seeks to understand: individuals’ experiences of racism and discrimination; how such experiences impact self-perception and well-being; and ways to build resilience and reduce the impact of racism.

Indigenous body and identity

This research area investigates the ways in which the Indigenous body has been socially and culturally constructed. Projects analyse the relationship between body, identity, and belonging, while considering diverse issues including gender, class, race, sex and sexuality, and socio-cultural influences.

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