Department of Indigenous Studies

Department of Indigenous Studies

Department of Indigenous Studies

INDIGENOUS STUDIES as an interdisciplinary field provides students with knowledge and skills to think critically about issues that impact Indigenous communities locally, nationally and globally. It unpacks Indigenous peoples’ entanglement in global forces, including colonial and imperial power, capitalist markets, and the cultural politics of representation.

Acknowledgement of Country

Indigenous peoples across the world are the ones keeping the human race from destroying itself and leading itself to disaster

-Philosopher Noam Chomsky

Indigenous peoples have always been global, living side by side with other nations with diverse cultures. Indigenous peoples have faced grave, catastrophic crises—environmental, economic, political—and they have persisted and developed strategies for engaging in new climates and contexts. Indigenous peoples view the world in relational and interdependent terms, an epistemological and ontological facet often missing from Eurocentric worldviews.

We need to have a paradigm shift; to me the paradigm shift is that we have to see the world as Indigenous people see it

-Scholar, Environmentalist and Scientist Dr David Suzuki

Undergraduate and postgraduate pathways in Indigenous Studies at Macquarie approach the study of Indigenous knowledges, histories and cultural practices in an inclusive, informative and innovative way. Students develop deep critical thinking and effective communication skills, as well as being introduced to new perspectives on society and the world.

#TransformYourLife #TransformYourWorld

Indigenous Studies will expand student’s understanding of society by focusing on the diverse experiences, stories and ideas within Indigenous cultures at local, national and international levels: from the Department’s immediate connection and commitment to Dharug people, through to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the country and surrounding Islands, and Indigenous knowledges around the globe.

“Marandayi Maranama Dharug Ngurra” Always was, always will be Dharug Ngurra

The Department is interdisciplinary, with opportunities to pursue Indigenous Studies as a major or minor, alongside related disciplines such as sociology, politics, history, cultural studies, gender studies or education. Indigenous Studies units also complement study in fields such as engineering, economics, and business to name a few.

Postgraduate students can embark on the Master of Research or PhD in Indigenous Studies. Teachers, educators, administrators and policy developers seeking to expand their knowledge and formalise their professional experience in Indigenous education can complete a one year Master of Indigenous Education, which is unique to Macquarie University.

It’s urgent that we empower Indigenous people everywhere and look to their leadership into the future

-Environmentalist and Scientist Dr David Suzuki

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