Public colloquium series

Public colloquium series

Anthropology Colloquium Session 1, 2018

Wednesdays 1 pm to 3 pm

14.03.2018Dr. Gabriele Marranci, Macquarie UniversitySupremacist Epistemologies among Ordinary Muslims: A Difficult Reflection on Fifteen Years of Fieldwork Research06 FA 328 Moot Court (formerly W3A 328)
28.03.2018Dr. Ryan Schram, The University of Sydney

The tribesmen next door: The New Guinea Highlands in a postwar Papuan mission newspaper

06 FA Room 501 (formerly W3A 501 Blackshield Room)
11.04.2018Dr. Jean-Phillipe Deranty, Macquarie University

Is there a concept of work that would be valid for all human societies?

06 FA 328 Moot Court (formerly W3A 328)
09.05.2018Dr. Malini Sur, Western Sydney University

Reciprocity and Danger: A time for tea at the India-Bangladesh border

06 FA 328 Moot Court (formerly W3A 328)
16.05.2018Dr. Gillian Tan, Deakin University

Orders of change: understanding change through relationships among Tibetan nomadic pastoralists.

06 FA Room 501 (formerly W3A 501 Blackshield Room)
23.05.2018Professor Michael Jackson, Macquarie University

The Varieties of Temporal Experience: Travels in Philosophical, Historical, and Ethnographic Time

06 FA Room 501 (formerly W3A 501 Blackshield Room)
30.05.2018Dr Jack Taylor, La Trobe UniversityRod Blong Sik: Medical Alterity, Mobility and the Spiritual Landscape in Vanuatu 06 FA Room 501 (formerly W3A 501 Blackshield Room)
07.06.2018Dr Allen Chun, Institute of Ethnology, Taiwan

On the Geopragmatics of Anthropological Identification

06 FA Room 501 (formerly W3A 501 Blackshield Room)
13.06.2018Professor. Niko Besnier, The University of Amsterdam

Rethinking Masculinity in the Neoliberal Order: Cameroonian Footballers, Fijian Rugby Players, and Senegalese Wrestlers

06 FA 328 Moot Court (formerly W3A 328)

Anthropology Colloquium, 2017

Date Speaker Topic Venue
10.08.2017 Dr. Julia Vorhölter, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen The Emergence of Psychotherapy in Uganda – Mirror or Motor of a New (Dis)Order W6A 107
17.08.2017 Dr. Jovan Maud, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Re)mediating the Sacred: Exploring Thai Facebook as a Ritual Field W6A 708
24.08.2017 Dr. Into Goudsmit, The Asia Foundation Progressive Extractivism: Realignment of Indigenous Communities and the Bolivian State in the Struggle for Mining Resources W6A 708
31.08.2017 All Anthropology Staff Anthropology Round Table Reading Group Australian Hearing Hub Level 5, Seminar Room
07.09.2017 Dr. Banu Senay and Dr. Anna-Karina Hermkens Religion as Creative Practice W6A 708
12.10.2017 Sophie Chao, Macquarie University To be announced To be announced
19.10.2017 Dr. Matt Tomlinson, Australian National University Learning to Communicate with the Dead To be announced
26.10.2017 Dr. Andrew Dawson, The University of Melbourne To be announced Australian Hearing Hub, Level 5, Seminar Room
09.11.2017 Dr. Banu Senay "We are not that type of Muslim": Pathways between the Anthropology of Islam and the Anthropology of Ethics Australian Hearing Hub, Level 5, Seminar Room
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