Department of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology

Anthropologists consider a complex interplay of all facets of human life: politics, society, kinship, religion, health, sexuality, migration and more.

As humans, we’re fascinated by each other: our similarities and differences, our creativity and ingenuity. With humans constantly evolving and adapting to the changes in the world around us, there is a continual flow of new social and cultural innovation to explore.

The Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University is regarded as one of the best in Australia, offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in social and cultural anthropology. Our innovative curriculum has been developed by a community of researchers and award-winning academics working at the forefront of human sciences.

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Our department delves deep into the study of human life throughout many contexts: the use of new reproductive technologies in Egypt; emerging religious movements in the Pacific including new forms of Christianity; how economic development and people migrating to find work in Southeast Asia affect disease transmission; the effects of Native Title on the Indigenous people who are left out; rural women’s experiences of life changes and motherhood in India especially as the government seeks to ‘modernise’ them; infant and child mortality in western Africa…  any individual following a distinct way of life has something to teach us.

With a degree in anthropology, you’ll develop the capacity to investigate the strange and see how the familiar can suddenly seem odd. You’ll develop skills that are applicable in a range of professions. Graduates of the Department of Anthropology are employed by government, non-government and multilateral aid agencies, as consultants and evaluators. They are also employed in the corporate world within market research, design research, and consumer behaviour studies.

Our research outcomes have relevance for governments, community development, and educational institutions as well as business and other organisations. We've developed a strong profile in medical and psychological anthropology, and studies of religion, public health, and development.

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