Our research

Our research

The Department of Ancient History has a breadth of research interests among its faculty and higher degree researchers. These include study of:

  • Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Near East, Ancient Israel Greece, and Rome
  • Late Antiquity, Coptic Egypt, early medieval Europe and Byzantium
  • early Christianity
  • archaeology and artefact studies
  • language studies

Our research includes archaeological, linguistic, and textual studies of the history and society of a range of cultures—from ancient through to medieval times. As well as the more traditional research techniques, we integrate the latest developments and trends, such as 3D printing and geophysics, into our work.

The Department of Ancient History incorporates several research centres. They not only offer access to students and alumni but also the wider community of researchers. We offer outreach programs to the community, and to primary and secondary school students.

To find out how you can be involved, contact our team. Details can be found through the links to each centre.

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