Cartoons, podcasts and blogs for Ancient Rome

Cartoons, podcasts and blogs for Ancient Rome

Here are some fun and insightful online experiences to hook your students on ancient Rome.


Best podcast series to listen to:

  1. The Partial Historians - former Macquarie students (both with PhDs) have lively discussions about Roman history (recorded live and no editing!)
  2. When in Rome - from La Trobe University. Lots on on Pompeii too.
  3. The Roman Emperors - from La Trobe University. Includes guest appearances by Macquarie’s Caillan Davenport
  4. Classics Confidential - Open University, featuring interviews with leading scholars and on new topics in the field.
  5. Coffee and Circuses - University of Kent, chatting about the Roman World. David Walsh interviews UK based archaeologists and historians.


  1. MQRome. Written and edited by Macquarie students studying ancient Rome aimed to entertain, but also to provide new information for HSC students ranging from firemen to theatres.
  2. Lucius’ Romans. Blog on all things Roman, posts on the Ides of each month, past blogs include making garum!
  3. History from Below. Blog by Sarah Bond.
  4. Society for Classical Studies (USA) blog.
  5. Following Hadrian. Exactly as it says, this blog looks for Hadrian and sites of Hadrian.

Also check out the Ancient History Blog for latest events at Macquarie University.

See too this article by Dr Caillan Davenport, is a lecturer in Roman History at Macquarie University:

Caillan Davenport, "Guide to the Classics: Suetonius's The Twelve Caesars explores vice and virtue in ancient Rome". Published on "The Conversation" on November 23, 2017.

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