Department of Ancient History

Department of Ancient History

Department of Ancient History


With more than 40 undergraduate and postgraduate courses on offer, you’ll dig deeper and expand your knowledge of ancient societies. You’ll use cutting scholarship and science to discover new things about the ancient world.

At Macquarie University you’ll study a broad and exciting range of: 

  • Greek history and myth from Homer to the Hellenistic world
  • Roman history from the Republic to the Late Empire
  • Egyptian history: Predynastic through to Coptic Egypt
  • Early Christianity
  • The Silk Road to China
  • Late Antiquity and the Byzantine world
  • Ancient Israel and the ancient Near East
  • Archaeology, its methods and theories

Experience a historical journey

In the Department of Ancient History, you’ll have the opportunity to gain knowledge of up to six ancient languages including: 

  • Ancient Greek
  • Latin
  • Hieroglyphic Egyptian
  • Ancient Hebrew
  • Coptic Egyptian
  • Akkadian

The study of ancient languages is strongly encouraged and for entry into higher level research it is necessary.

To further enhance your learning experience, we offer a strong combination of theoretical study and practical applicable skills. You'll have the opportunity to benefit from hands-on experience on excavations in places such as Croatia, Israel, Egypt and Greece, where you can combine learning the skills of ancient history and archaeology. Scholarships are available to support these opportunities.

We bring ancient history into the 21st century classroom using 3D printing and geophysics tools to your archaeological experience.

Community partners

Our department works closely with the Museum of Ancient Cultures at Macquarie University, with collections owned both by Macquarie, and on loan from other organisations.

A unique feature of Ancient History at Macquarie is our study of Egyptian Civilisation. Our faculty was the first in Australia to conduct its own excavations in Egypt and the only Australian university with a licence to dig in the Nile Valley.

A qualification in ancient history from Macquarie University gives you the opportunity to learn practical skills while developing a deep understanding of the past. Our academics are equipped with extensive knowledge that allows students to immerse themselves into the languages, histories, cultures and literature of the major civilisations that led the world for centuries.

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