MGSM career services

MGSM career services

Macquarie Business School’s MGSM career services provides a range of initiatives to help students make important decisions about their career. As they commence study, students have access to the strategic career development framework, which offers a clear structure to guide students through their career development journey.

The framework is delivered via:

  • Personalised careers coaching sessions with our expert and professional career coaches. These professionals will help unlock your potential through increased awareness of your strongest motivators and interests, as well as the transferable skills and personal values that will lead to career satisfaction and success.
  • Career development workshops and seminars, for example our Career Navigation Series.
  • Skills-based workshops, such as our LinkedIn workshops.
  • Students undertaking effective self-assessment when necessary.

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The purpose of the framework is to help students develop an individualised action plan to achieve the career they want.

We also work very closely with industry partners, prospective employers and recruitment agencies to bring more internship and employment opportunities to our students and alumni post-graduation.

As an enrolled student and an alumnus of an MGSM program, you will have access to premium career services and resources.

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