Would You Follow A Robot Leader? Leadership In The Age Of AI

Would You Follow A Robot Leader? Leadership In The Age Of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already better at certain jobs than humans, so why not leadership? If, as many people believe, leadership is reducible to a set of traits, then why can’t these traits be replicated through AI? And, if AI does lead will it be an authoritarian or a democrat?

These are not simply questions about the AI future of work but also about our understanding of leadership and whether our outdated leadership models can still be effective in today’s workplace.

In this webinar, Randal Tame will lead a discussion on these questions and examine why a new psychology of leadership is necessary to confront and embrace the emerging challenges.

Wednesday 5 August 2020 10:00 - 10:45am AEST Register now

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Randal Tame

Randal Tame is the Founder and Director of Influence Consulting. Randal’s work combines his 30 years of consulting experience with an expert knowledge in the application of the new psychology of leadership, group dynamics and team performance. Influence Consulting has advised the strategies of some of Australasia’s top companies, advised and coached executives on the development and implementation of strategic plans and designed, led and facilitated large- and small-scale leadership development and change programs. Randal’s qualifications include a MBA and a BA Psych and is Senior Lecturer in Management at MGSM, Macquarie Business School. Randal is also Lecturer in Leadership at the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, ANU.

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