Neuroscience of Leadership

Neuroscience of Leadership

In this webinar, Kristen Hansen will summarise the key research findings from the field of neuroscience summarised by her NeuroTREAD framework: how to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind.

Kristen will share highlights on how the brain works providing strategies on how to improve your leadership, problem-solving, emotion regulation as well as ability to engage and develop team members through effective coaching.

Watch the webinar below.

Meet your facilitator

Kirsten Hansen

Kristen Hansen

Kristen is the founder of EnHansen Performance, which provides managers with neuroscience strategies to build leadership, resilience, adaptability, creativity, coaching, self-management and engagement skills.
Kristen is a pioneer in the field of neuroscience of leadership and has 20 years’ management experience in the field. She has completed postgraduate studies in neuroscience of leadership and is an accredited executive coach with the International Coach Federation, a master trainer in emotional intelligence and accredited in DiSC and PRISM brain mapping.

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