Navigating Uncertainty: Sailing Unchartered Times

Navigating Uncertainty: Sailing Unchartered Times

The Sydney Hobart Yacht race is one of the great, demanding ocean races of the world. It is a dangerous, high pressure, literally life and death environment.

Having achieved line honours on four separate occasions, the most experienced navigator in the history of the race wanted to apply his expertise skippering his own boat. Looking for an edge, he approached Dr Elizabeth King from Macquarie Business School for guidance. The program showed its capacity to create rapid positive change in team dynamics, resulting in enhanced resilience, performance and innovation and ultimately, success in winning their category.

Join leadership expert Dr Elizabeth King and one of Australia’s leading navigators Carl Crafoord for a 30-minute engaging webinar that will share the journey. You will learn:

  • How Sail exchange developed their crew to perform in the 2019 race
  • A framework to develop your own team to perform in uncertainty
  • Great strategies for reducing anxiety inherent in performance and cultivating mastery
  • How to rotate from surviving to thriving

Watch the video below.

Meet your facilitator

Dr Elizabeth King

Dr Elizabeth King has over 30 years experience in designing and implementing high impact, enduring, client-tailored approaches to leadership development that are evidence and mindfulness based. Dr King held senior marketing and executive positions in five of Australia’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Her academic background includes a Science degree in Biotechnology and a MBA from Macquarie, a Masters of Coaching and Human Resource Management at Sydney, postgraduate training in Mind Body Medicine at Harvard and a PhD from MGSM, titled "Developing leaders to perform in uncertainty: The mindfulness solution".

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