Foundations of General Management

Foundations of General Management

Face the challenges of leadership today

General managers are tasked with leading cross-functional teams, defining strategic directions, and making decisions in high-pressure situations.

This six-day, immersive course equips general managers and functional managers ready to step up to a cross-functional role with practical skills across six core areas.

Participants stay at the MGSM Executive Hotel & Conference Centre on Macquarie’s picturesque grounds, which offers four-star accommodation, superb dining, Wi-Fi, recreational facilities, a café and a lounge bar.

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Key highlights

Learn from industry experts

Build your strategic leadership role

Coaching before and after the course

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During this course you will:

  • Acquire relevant new skills and knowledge for broad-based general management roles
  • Develop the confidence and competence to tackle complex business problems
  • Challenge current thinking with exposure to new perspectives, developments and issues

Who should attend

  • Recently appointed general managers.
  • Middle managers aiming to proceed to a higher level of management.
  • Functional managers needing to broaden their skills.
  • Executives who wish to increase their knowledge and management skills.
  • Business managers who need to focus on their individual development as they build their career.
  • All managers who are seeking to build core business skills and expertise.

What you'll learn

Day 1: Introduction and Strategic management

After you arrive in the late morning, the course will be introduced.

Strategy is making choices about your organisation’s today and tomorrow. In this session, you will learn how to identify opportunities and challenges in your business, industry and geography. You’ll study successful tools, frameworks and techniques for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage, and creating compelling visions that have your people moving together. This session is facilitated by Andrew Mikhail.

Day 2: Strategy and Marketing

Strategy continues on day 2, facilitated by Andrew Mikhail.

In the Marketing session, you will get to test and practice the latest and most effective marketing techniques being used by startups and leading multinationals alike. Through exercises and real-world cases, the session will shed new light on the ways you can identify viable options for profitable corporate growth based on what customers value. This session, facilitated by Sarah Duffy, shows you how to make better connections between your marketing strategy and bigger picture corporate strategy.

Day 3: Managing and leading change

Managers play a vital role in orchestrating change within an organisation. In this session, you will learn what change is and how to use it beneficially, while preparing people and reducing resistance to change. You’ll also learn how to identify opportunities and challenges in your business, create compelling visions that have your people moving together, and discuss a variety of options for growth and innovation. Helen Campbell facilitates this session.

Day 4: Strategic negotiation skills

Managers increasingly require the ability to negotiate with both internal and external networks. This session will help you identify your individual negotiation style, and how to vary it to effect results in different situations. Drawing on real-world examples, this highly interactive session guides you through all stages of negotiation, examining common mistakes and illustrating best practices. The session is facilitated by Andrew Heys.

Day 5: Finance

Successful general or specialist managers at senior level must understand the language of finance in order to make value-adding decisions and manage risk. This session begins with a thorough primer on the three main financial statements, then shows you how to analyse trends and ratios in profitability, working capital, liquidity and capital structure, asset efficiency and investment returns. You’ll learn how to turn this understanding into value for stakeholders. Jennifer Harrison facilitates this session.

Day 6: Developing as a leader

General managers play a pivotal leadership role in their organisations—but great leaders are not born overnight. In this session you will use advanced psychological research and case studies to investigate what leadership actually is and how it applies to the general manager’s role. You’ll also be given practical ideas on how to develop and cultivate your skills as a leader in the future. Paul Kirkbride facilitates this session.

There will be a farewell lunch before your departure.

Meet your facilitators

Andrew Mikhail Foundations of General Management Management and Strategy Short course Sydney Macquarie University

Andrew Mikhail

Andrew Mikhail

Andrew Mikhail is a strategy and leadership advisor who has spent the last decade working with blue-chip telecommunications and financial services organisations. He teaches MBA courses on strategy and organisational behaviour at Macquarie Business School (MGSM), as well as several executive education courses focusing on strategy and leadership.

Jennifer Harrison Foundations of General Management Short course Sydney Macquarie University

Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Harrison combines over 25 years’ experience in finance with a talent for facilitation and teaching. Formerly a senior investment banker working in corporate finance and advisory positions, she now enjoys consulting projects which bring finance into broader corporate decision-making situations.

Paul Kirkbride Foundations of General Management Short course Sydney Macquarie University

Paul Kirkbride

Paul Kirkbride

Paul Kirkbride has worked as an academic, organisational change and leadership consultant, and Chief Learning Officer for a Fortune 500 and two of the world’s top executive leaders. Prior to joining Macquarie Business School (MGSM), Professor Kirkbride was Deputy Dean, Executive Education at Melbourne Business School.

Helen Campbell Foundations of General Management Short course Sydney Macquarie University

Helen Campbell

Helen Campbell

Helen Campbell has over 15 years’ experience as a change manager, facilitator, course manager and consultant. She works with a variety of organisations enabling them to develop strategies that realise benefits more readily. Highly regarded in her field, she is the author of several books and co-founder of the Change Management Institute.

Andrew Heys Foundations of General Management Short course Sydney Macquarie University

Andrew Heys

Andrew Heys

Andrew Heys is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management and a former Program Director of the Macquarie Business School (MGSM) MBA. Andrew is now the Director for International Engagement within the Macquarie Business School at Macquarie University where his responsibilities centre around internationalisation, student mobility and recruitment. Prior to becoming an academic Andrew held a senior consulting role.

Sarah Duffy Foundations of General Management Short course Sydney Macquarie University

Sarah Duffy

Sarah Duffy

Sarah Duffy has a PhD in marketing from the University of New South Wales, and a strong practical background in strategy and brand marketing. She has published research concerning marketing, public policy, fairness and sustainability, informed by her career as a marketing professional and consultant.

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