Postgraduate courses


Accounting is often referred to as the language of business. Understanding this language means accountants are key contributors to a business’ success. Macquarie’s accounting courses enable you to meet the requirements for professional accreditation in accounting and apply your knowledge in any number of dynamic industries.

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Actuarial studies

Because they help financial institutions analyse and manage risk, actuaries are key to helping businesses all over the world to prosper. Macquarie has the longest-running actuarial studies program of its kind in Australia. You’ll learn how to apply mathematical, statistical, economic and financial analysis to a range of practical problems in long-term risk management.

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Degree 2020 ATAR
Master of Actuarial Practice N/A

Business administration

The best business administrators are equally talented at managing numbers as they are people. Studying business administration at Macquarie will allow you to develop skills in accounting, business, ethics, management, marketing and strategy – all key competencies you’ll need to succeed in today’s dynamic global business environment.

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Business analytics

Big data has become big business, and those with the ability to extract value from these data sources are in demand across the globe. Macquarie’s business analytics programs equip you with knowledge and skills to better understand consumers, innovate, reduce risk and maximise opportunities.

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In today’s fast-moving and complex business environment, a comprehensive understanding of all business functions, in combination with a set of practical skills, will enable you to succeed as an in-demand business professional. Macquarie’s commerce programs prepare you to become a business professional in a wide range of careers.

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Economic issues are inherent in our everyday lives. Macquarie’s economics courses provide you with a sound understanding of today’s complex economics environment. You’ll learn about how modern economies operate, the role of prices and markets in allocating resources, how economies trade and grow, and economic modelling.

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On the back of the global financial crisis, finance has never been hotter. With the skills you’ll gain in Macquarie’s finance programs – the ability to help organisations create value, invest wisely and control risk – you’ll find yourself in demand across the globe.

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Human resources

Managing people effectively is essential if organisations are to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in dynamic environments. With Macquarie’s human resources programs, you’ll learn how to establish effective systems for recruitment, selecting candidates, remuneration, training and development, performance appraisal and retention.

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International business

Globalisation has changed the face of business forever. As a result, individuals who understand the complexities of conducting business on a global scale are in demand. Macquarie’s international business program will equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to make your mark in this intricate and exciting field.

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In order to keep pace with rapid change, companies need pioneering leaders and managers who are agile, motivated and resilient, and who inspire greatness. In Macquarie’s management programs, you’ll develop higher-level skills that will help you lead people, work collaboratively, adapt to changing circumstances, communicate clearly and effectively, and manage diversity.

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Digital media has a profound influence on the marketing landscape. Macquarie’s marketing program offers a unique blend of marketing strategy, brand management and digital production, which will set you apart in the job market. You’ll learn about the theories modern marketing is built on and have opportunities to hone your practical skills.

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