Health & Wellbeing Research Unit (HoWRU)

Health & Wellbeing Research Unit (HoWRU)

The Health & Wellbeing Research Unit (HoWRU) fosters and advances human health through innovative organisational and system design and management.

Our priorities are to:

  1. Create world-changing impact and engagement by partnering with industry, non-government organisations, and end-users, and by influencing practice and policy through expert contribution.
  2. Strengthen research excellence by conducting high‐quality research with leading national and international research partners.
  3. Build on existing research strengths and enhance cross-disciplinary capability through funded projects and by building the research capacity of research leaders, early career researchers and postgraduate students.
  4. Build a reputation for world-leading engaged and applied research excellence that optimises the health and wellbeing of people within organisations and the design and management of health and social care services.

Contact us

Professor Rebecca Mitchell
Macquarie Business School
3 Management Drive,
Macquarie University NSW 2109

E: rebecca.mitchell@

About the Unit

The HoWRU is an interdisciplinary, multi-method research endeavour that seeks to improve health and social outcomes by undertaking and facilitating collaborative research aimed at optimising the health of people in organisations and the design and management of health and social care.

Our unique research unit brings together expertise in behavioural science, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation, and social and strategic marketing. Our interdisciplinary approach is further strengthened by quantitative and qualitative methodological expertise and a twin focus on scholarly excellence and industry relevance.

In doing so, the HoWRU will contribute to Macquarie University’s efforts to build resilient societies and healthy people.We will strengthen disciplinary research and build cross-disciplinary capabilities that are aligned to Macquarie University’s priorities, the national research agenda and significant global challenges.

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