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Macquarie Business School is a globally significant centre for research in business, management and economics.

Our research uses innovation and collaboration to create insights with global impact.

Research with impact

As a leading industry research organisation with highly respected programs, our priority is to engage, exchange knowledge and produce applied and impactful research.

We recruit first-class researchers and develop strong intellectual capability among our students. We have five research centres and a variety of research networks and academics across the breadth and depth of the business, management and economics fields.

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Our pioneering research centres consistently impart valued expertise across industry sectors. They are:

Recent research being undertaken within Macquarie Business School includes projects funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC):

  • Demographic and social dimensions of migrant ageing and wellbeing in Australia.
  • Two-price quantitative finance.
  • Measuring uncertainty in global housing markets and its risk to Australia.
  • In it to win it: an interdisciplinary investigation into sports betting.
  • East Asia's clean energy shift: enablers, obstacles, outcomes and lessons.
  • Economic analysis of time constraints on decision-making in health.
  • Monitoring financial bubbles using high-frequency data.
  • A history of Australian businesswomen since 1880.

Our Health & Wellbeing Research Unit is an interdisciplinary research endeavour aimed at optimising the health of people in organisations and the design and management of health and social care.

Research by GenIMPACT, our Centre for Economic Impacts of Genomic Medicine, funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) includes:

  • The economic and social impacts of genetic sequencing for intellectual disability
  • The economic impact of precision medicine in high risk and aggressive childhood cancer
  • The economic impact of providing precision medicine through whole genome sequencing.
  • Preconception carrier screening: providing genetically at risk families with a chance to have healthy children
  • From discovery to therapy in genetic eye diseases
  • Transforming the diagnosis and management of severe NeuroCognitive Disorders through Genomics

See GenIMPACT Research Grants for further details on these research projects.

Lighthouse Lecture Series

The Lighthouse Lecture Series fosters the exchange of knowledge between industry, government and not-for-profit entities and academics within the Business School. Lecture topics are of national relevance from a social, political or economic standpoint, and draw on the research strengths within the business school.

Innovate with us

Connect, collaborate and innovate. We develop and share knowledge, taking a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing business and societal issues.

A cross-disciplinary approach gives Macquarie Business School researchers the capacity to understand issues from different perspectives, from financial risk, ethics and governance to applied finance, actuarial studies, health economics, management and marketing. This provides you with a comprehensive foundation of unbiased industry research data, analysis and interpretation. From this you can address your issues or pursue your vision, as this supports you to make innovative business decisions and set policy direction with confidence.

Engage with us and find innovative solutions to your business challenges. We welcome a conversation with you about how we can work collaboratively to create research that delivers an impact.

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Customised research

We develop research and analysis designed around your organisation’s industry challenges and timescales, resulting in practical outcomes for small- and large-scale projects. Gain insights and unbiased analysis that lead to innovative solutions.

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Subject matter specialists

Obtain in-depth, industry-relevant knowledge delivered through unbiased, independent research backed by the reputation of a major university.

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