Our research

Our research

The newly formed Department of Marketing continued growing strength in marketing strategy research. We investigate practical problems of relevance to decision makers, whether they be in private industry or the public section.

Advertising, our most prolific area of research in A* and A level journals, focused chiefly on the development of highly strategic advertising. Major scholarship successes included our innovation-oriented publications in the premier A* journals which focused on open innovation and innovation in services.

We also researched a variety of other strategy topics with emphasis on dynamic capabilities, brand relationships and competitiveness. Although we have strengths in consumer behaviour research, the focus is still on marketing management related issues like purchase intent or consumer value.

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Researchers in the marketing area have also been recognised for their expertise in applying marketing strategy tools to public policy questions. External funding of over $600,000 had been provided across several grants. Topics include how to reduce excessive drinking, improve road safety advertising, or mitigate the negative aspects of sports betting.

Several early career researchers have benefited from internal grants to understand brand personalities and the frame of price information. Other early career researchers have benefited from the Research Productivity Safety-Net Pilot Project Scheme.

To support the research mission of the department we have focused on developing our research skills. Our “Research Away Day” at the MGSM City Campus brought the department together in understanding where we are heading as a group. Department support for DECRA applications has been high, with senior colleagues tremendously supporting their junior colleagues. We have also had a successful program and bringing in outside scholars to present.

Their topics included:

  • “Positive Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and Service-Sales Ambidexterity: The Moderating Role of Technology Orientation and Technology Capability” Dr Phyra Sok is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Monash Business School
  • “The Impact of a Mobile Payment App on Consumer Purchase Behavior: A Natural Field Experiment” Dr Steven Lu is the co-director of Consumer Insights Research Group at the University of Sydney Business School.
  • “An Empirical Synthesis of Customers’ Emotions in Service Failure and Recovery” Chiara Orsingher, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Bologna, Italy.
  • “May the Force Drag your Brand Logo: The Brand Work-Energy Effect” Dr Stacey Baxter is an Associate Professor in Marketing for the Newcastle Business School at the University of Newcastle, Australia.
  • “God, Religion, and Word-of-Mouth Behavior” Dr Riza Casidy, then Senior Lecturer of Marketing, Department of Marketing, Deakin University, Australia, now Department of Marketing, Macquarie University.

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