Professor Tom Smith

Professor Tom Smith

Professor Tom Smith, Head of Department, Applied Finance, is one of the leading finance academics in Australia and has been ranked as the number one finance academic in Australia and New Zealand by both the Journal of Financial Literature and the Pacific Basin Finance Journal. Tom is the leading researcher in environmental finance, asset pricing theory and tests; design of markets – market microstructure, and derivatives.

ARC Discovery Project Australia’s climate strategy and positioning for the clean tech revolution

Professor Tom Smith, along with Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance Director, Professor Martina Linnenluecke, are undertaking research to analyse and benchmark Australia’s climate change strategy and positioning in terms of its readiness to take advantage of a clean technology revolution, and to analyse what the revolution might look like and how it will evolve.

Scientific evidence points to the increasingly urgent need for action on climate change and investment in cleaner technologies on a large scale. This need for action coincides with emerging policy and technological developments that are already taking place.

The project aims to provide new decision-making frameworks for the timing and extent of investments in new technologies. Analysing Australia’s positioning and the coming clean technology revolution would benefit policy-makers, corporations and investors.

The study has shown that the wealth creation from a transition to a clean tech economy will exceed $20 trillion dollars.

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