A vibrant internship program

Business and Economics students who want to get a step ahead of their counterparts are looking to the Faculty's vibrant internship program. Photo supplied by Melissa Airs.

Business and Economics students who want to get a step ahead of their counterparts are looking to the Faculty's vibrant internship program.

The student internship program was launched by the Department of Business in 2009 with leading international companies in the fields of digital mapping and routing, finance, and branded consumer products for skin and beauty care. 

Internship programs are available to students undertaking courses in marketing, human resource management, business administration, demography, employment relations, international business and management strategy.

This program is aimed at providing students with practical experience to complement their academic studies. 

Marketing students Melissa Airs (pictured above) and Laura Duck recently completed internships with Beiersdorf Australia. Beiersdorf is one of the world's leading beauty and skin care companies with a portfolio of globally recognised skincare brands including NIVEA, Elastoplast, and Leuko.

The Beiersdorf internship program involved working on projects across the consumer, customer and shopping marketing functions and participating in broader business activities including orientation, training and social activities of the organisation.

Face-to-Face with Melissa Airs and Laura Duck

How did you fit in your study and work?

Melissa:  During my internship, I worked two days a week and attended lectures and tutorials on the other three days of the working week.

I found that time management and priority lists are essential tools in balancing work and study. By utilising my days at University, as well as my evenings at home, I was able to complete my assessments in a timely manner. This allowed me to take a break on weekends, achieving 'work-life' balance.

Laura:  My internship was two working days a week and my employer was very flexible with which days I chose and leaving early for university classes some days. The internship was supposed to be for nine months, but I completed mine in three months. I now work four days in a permanent position until I finish my university studies at the end of this year when I will commence full-time employment. The key is planning and organisation.

What are the benefits from getting involved in an internship?

Melissa: I found it to be an invaluable learning experience to work alongside business professionals who hold many years of experience and expertise in various fields. I would strongly recommend that students apply for internships in their field as it will provide a great opportunity to complement their studies, whilst learning the practicalities.

My communication skills have been enhanced through my dealings with Beiersdorf staff, both domestically and internationally; I have discovered the importance of cross-functional communications and relationships; and have worked alongside a number of business professionals.

Laura: I have commenced my first full-time permanent position after my internship so I would definitely recommend getting involved in an internship where possible. Most employers are interested in being able to see your physical application within a position and an internship is the perfect opportunity for this. You also have the opportunity to view the industry you will be entering in the future and gain an understanding of how the industry and general corporate life works which is one of the most important experiences to gain. Lastly, an internship can provide you with some good references or experience to include on resumes for that first job

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Published: Wednesday, 06 June, 2012