Application process

The application information shown below is for domestic (local) applicants. If you are an international student please visit the Macquarie International website for information on how to apply.

Step 1: Research your course options

Find courses that interest you by searching our postgraduate courses

Step 2: Check the entry requirements

The general entry requirements for any postgraduate course are:

In exceptional cases, you may be admitted to a specific course if the relevant Faculty approves the examination of other evidence of academic and/or professional attainments.

For more information please visit our Eligibility page, or our Courses page for specific course entry requirements.

Step 3: Submit your application

Each course has a specific closing date and application procedure. This information can be found in either:

Check that the course is offered in the Session that you are applying for and the application method will be shown in the 'Apply to' column.

Application dates

We make offers on postgraduate applications on a daily basis during the following admission periods:

  • Session 1 admission: September - February
  • Session 2 admission: April - July

Previous Macquarie postgraduate students

If you have previously undertaken postgraduate study at Macquarie, please select from the list below the situation that describes your circumstances:

Returning to the same course

If you have studied at Macquarie University before as a postgraduate student you are eligible to return via the direct re-admission application form if you:

  • are a local applicant
  • are returning to the same course
  • have a recorded result in at least one unit of your program; and
  • the qualification is incomplete

If you do not satisfy all of the requirements above you must apply as a new student. (See 'First time application to a course' above). International Students should contact Macquarie International.

Returning to a course which has a new name

If the course you were previously enrolled in has been discontinued, re-named or has changed study patterns or course code, then you'll need to apply as a new Macquarie student.

Articulating to a higher course

If you're articulating into a higher level of a course for the same area of study, for example, from a Postgraduate Certificate to a Postgraduate Diploma or from a Postgraduate Diploma to a Masters, you'll need to apply as a new student.

Moving from a double to a single degree

Student already in a double degree can automatically transfer into either of the component single degrees. Please complete the internal application form.

Credit for previous studies

If you wish to obtain credit for your previous studies, you'll need to supply certified copies of your official transcripts to either UAC or directly to Macquarie, depending on your course. Please visit the Credit for Previous Studies page for details on how to apply for credit.

Cross-institutional studies

Students currently enrolled at another Higher Education Provider who wish to undertake nominated units at Macquarie in the same session. Please visit the Cross Institutional Studies page for further details including how to apply.

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