Next Step

Next Step

Start your pathway to one of 18 different degrees today: apply for the Next Step Program

Dreaming of studying at Macquarie University but didn’t achieve the marks you wanted in the HSC? Or perhaps you are a prospective mature-age student looking to change career or life direction?

The Next Step Program is an alternative entry pathway for students who have not been able to enter into a degree through traditional methods such as via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), or mature age students who have not yet had the opportunity to undertake tertiary education. Our research indicates that neither age nor ATAR performance are predictive of future success in tertiary education, but that those students who perform well in the initial units undertaken as part of this pathway will likely continue to be high achievers in their degree programs.

2017 Next Step Handbook

Engage in a range of units across four faculties (Arts, Business and Economics, Human Sciences, and Science and Engineering) and successfully complete four units (meeting specific pathway criteria) to enrol into one of 18 bachelor degrees.

You’ll be supported by our Special Pathways and Programs team, engaged and challenged throughout your study by experienced teachers with industry experience, and your connection to the University is only an email, online chat or phone call away.

Need advice with assignments if you are starting or returning to study after a break? Macquarie’s free accessible support services such as Learning Skills modules and workshops will assist you in developing a suite of skills to make your study goals achievable. Academic Communications units are designed to ensure a smooth transition to tertiary study by preparing you for academic requirements within your chosen Faculty. And don’t forget to stay in touch with your classmates to share ideas via online collaborative tools in your easy-to-navigate study portal.

Are you a high achiever?

Complete your first two units with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher (credit average) and your hard work will be recognised and rewarded through the opportunity to accelerate into your chosen degree sooner. Forty per cent of students who complete the Next Step program are successful in completing it via the accelerated pathway.

What do I need to know about Next Step?

How do I find out whether I am eligible for this program? See eligibility for enrolment details.
What degrees are available? See degrees and entry requirements information.
Do I complete the same work as a student in a degree program? Yes – you will study from your first semester on campus with other degree program students, then will transfer to a degree upon meeting the pathway requirements.
What are the tuition fees? Next Step is an up-front tuition fees program.
What are the important dates? See the important dates section.

How do I apply?

See the Next Step application procedures.
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