Study Abroad and Exchange

Study in Australia at Macquarie for either one or two sessions as an independent Study Abroad student or as part of an official Exchange Program.

How to apply for Study Abroad

1. Direct Entry

You can apply directly to Macquarie University via the following form; 

Study Abroad Application Form

You must also include:

    1. Official academic transcripts of results achieved to date, accompanied by a certified English language translation (if applicable)
    2. Evidence of English-language proficiency (if applicable)
    3. Copy of your passport

Please email all application documents, except your official academic transcripts, to

Please post official academic transcripts to:

Study Abroad
Macquarie International
Building E3A, Level 1
Macquarie University
NSW  2109

2. Program representatives

You can also apply to a program in your home country that sends students to Macquarie University. These approved representatives provide a range of services to students through all phases of the application process.

Program representatives should email all students' application documents to



Latin America

Application deadlines:

Session 1 2015 (February - June): 30 November 2014

Session 2 2015 (July - November): 30 April 2015

Study Abroad fees 2015

Please note the following Macquarie University Study Abroad tuition fees for the 2015 Academic Calendar are:

One session (semester) AUD$8,500
Two sessions (semesters) AUD$17,000

The fee quoted includes all tuition and compulsory administrative fees. The fee does not include accommodation, books and other costs.

Study Abroad students are required to pay their fees (which includes tuition) in advance. This, along with your health cover payment, is required before you are issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) that allows you to get your student visa.

The International Tuition Fee Refund Policy will apply to most refunds. If you are applying to Macquarie University through a program provider, please contact the program administrators for refund policy information.

How to apply for Exchange

To be admitted as an exchange student to Macquarie University, students must meet the below requirements and additionally be nominated by an overseas partner university.

        Exchange Application Procedures

        Inbound pre-approved units S1 2015 recommended for exchange students for Session 1 2015.

Exchange Application Form

You must also include:

  1. A copy of evidence of English-language proficiency (if applicable)
  2. A copy of full official transcripts of results achieved to date, with a certified English translation (if applicable). If the application is sent by the student directly, an original hard copy of the transcripts via post is required.
  3. A copy of your passport

Please email application and supporting documents to:  (Europe)  (Americas, Asia and Pacific regions)

It is appreciated that all applications are submitted by international office at students' home universities. Should students be sending out application directly to us, please copy home university exchange officer into the application emails.

Application deadlines:

Session 1 2015 (February - June): 30 October 2014

Session 2 2015 (July - November): 15 April 2015

Exchange fees

Macquarie University, as the host university, will not charge tuition fees to Exchange students, however you will need to pay your usual tuition fees to your home institution as well as any applicable health cover (OSHC) fees.

Study Abroad and Exchange academic requirements

Applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 out of 4 or equivalent to be eligible for the study abroad program. You must also have a a certain standard of English

Individual subjects/units/ courses will be approved in accordance with selection criteria and previous studies. Transcripts of previous results with an explanation of grades are therefore critical documents that must be included with the application.

Apply for a visa

Once applications have been approved, students will be issued with an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment form (CoE). You'll need to take this and relevant documentation to their nearest Australian consulate or embassy and apply for a visa.

Compulsory health insurance

You will be required to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover

Accommodation, travel and airport pick up

For details on where you'll live, how to get to Sydney and what you'll need to organise, see our tips on Travel Planning and Arrival.

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Study Abroad Application deadlines

Start Session 1 (February - June): 30th November each year
Start Session 2 (July - December): 30th April each year

Exchange Application deadlines

Start Session 1 (February - June): 30th October each year
Start Session 2 (July - December): 15th April each year

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