Proof of English language proficiency - approved qualifications

Proof of English language proficiency - approved qualifications

Table B: Hold an approved qualification

A successfully completed approved qualification may be considered only if it has been completed within five years prior to the date the applicant will start the course at Macquarie University.

This limitation period does not apply to applicants who meet the minimum institutional English language requirements AND can show evidence that they have continuously resided in an English-speaking country since the completion of their English studies until commencing studies at Macquarie University.





Completed AQF Certificate IV OR Completed Advanced Certificate including a Completed AQF Certificate IV in English of Academic Purposes (EAP).

Navitas English Services Pty Ltd
CRICOS Provider No 00289M

Academic English - Level 3 (CRICOS Code 077033K) with a minimum overall of 65%

Ability English CRICOS Provider No 01530K (Sydney), 03112A (Melbourne)

EAP (CRICOS Code 076947J) with overall score of 4

Australian International College of English (AICE)
CRICOS Provider No 02834G

EAP (CRICOS Code 06026J) with an overall grade of Distinction (EAP4)

Australian Pacific College
CRICOS Provider No 01331F

EAP A (CRICOS Code 075995J) with a minimum overall of B+


CRICOS Provider No 00859D

DEEP/AEP 10 (CRICOS Code 032417K) with a minimum overall of C

Kaplan Aspect Sydney Manly
CRICOS Provider No 02362B

EAP 2 (CRICOS Code 042714G) (over 8 weeks) with a minimum overall of 75%

Sydney English Language Centre (SELC)
CRICOS Provider No 00051M

Advanced Level EAP 1 (AE4) (CRICOS Code 030266C) (12 weeks) with a minimum overall of 75%

ELS Universal English College (UEC)
CRICOS Provider No 00053J

Academic English 4 (AE4) (CRICOS Code 062713J) with a minimum overall of A

University of NSW Institute of Languages
CRICOS Provider No 01020K

UEEC (CRICOS Code 080692D), EAP (CRICOS Code 043923A) with a minimum overall of 7.0, or a grade of C+, with a minimum of Writing of 20

Greenwich College
CRICOS Provider No 02672K

English for Academic Purposes (CRICOS Code 059969M) or Certificate IV in Academic English (CRICOS Code 069159G) with a minimum overall score of Credit for entry to Macquarie undergraduate programs with IELTS 6.5 requirement

Foundation Programs

Macquarie University


ANU College Foundation Studies Program

65% in Academic English or Advanced Academic English

Trinity College Foundation Studies

65% in English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

UNSW Foundation Studies, UNSW Transition Program


University of Queensland Foundation

65% in Academic English for University Studies

University of Sydney Foundation


University of Western Australia Foundation

65% in English

Western Australia Universities Foundation Program

75% in English Language and Culture Studies (ELACS)

University of Adelaide


Monash Foundation

65% in English





Maturity Certificate

(Reifexeugnis / Reifeprufungszeugnis / Matura / Maturazeugnis Austrian High School Diploma

GPA of 2 in English from the last three years.


Upper Secondary School

Undergraduate degree

B level English - minimum grade of 9
A level English - minimum grade of 7

Diploma Supplement or a separate document from home institution stating the language of instruction


Completion of High School

Grade of 8 in English unit



Minimum grade of 3 (7-15 points) in the final 2 years AND


Minimum top two scores in all 4 sections OR


Minimum grade of 3 (or 2) in the final year AND


Minimum top two scores in all 4 section.

Hong Kong 

Diploma of Secondary Education

Level 5 in English for all Education courses or Level 4 in English for all other courses


HKDSE English and/or 2 years instruction in an Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in English



Grade of 6.0 in English


Senior secondary qualifications from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE),

Council for Indian Certificate Examination (CISE) or

National Open School

Grade of 70% in English



Minimum grade of C in English in Literature

SPM 1119 English

Grade of 6C

Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools Unified Examination Certificate

Grade of B5 in English



(pre-university education)

Overall score of at least 7 in English



Overall score of at least 7 in English (after at least 1 year of tertiary education)


Upper Secondary School

IEC - 4


Cambridge GCE A Level

B/C grade in Humanities Subjects


Upper Secondary School

Very Good (MVG)

United Kingdom

GCE Advanced Level

C grade in Humanities - Subjects; History, Humanities, Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Politics, Law, Religion, Sociology, Psychology.

GCE AS Level

B grade


C grade  for English as a first language, or

C grade  for English as a second language, or

C grade  for O Level English


International Baccalaureate (IB)

Before May 2013:

English A2 at higher level or A1 at Standard or higher level

May 2013 session and thereafter:

English A Literature or English A Language and Literature at Standard or higher Level

English B at Higher Level with a Grade of 4 or more

English B at Standard Level with a Grade of 5 or more

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