Macquarie Entry Navigator

Macquarie Entry Navigator


Everyone comes to university on an ATAR. Right? No, not with Macquarie Entry. ATAR is just one of the indicators we use to determine your suitability for study. It’s true that your ATAR rank can be a useful indicator of your chances for success in a specific course. But it’s equally true that for other courses there are other indicators we can use to assess your suitability. That’s why we have 11 different admission pathways to Macquarie; ten of these assess your suitability on more than a selection ranking based on your raw ATAR or your ATAR plus adjustments such as bonus points.

Try our Entry Program Navigator and you’ll be able to compare all of our entry pathways and work out which one suits you best – and you’ll quickly discover you have more options open to you than you first thought!

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