Pre-law pathway

Pre-law pathway

What is it?

Macquarie’s Pre-Law Pathway is the alternative avenue for those looking to transfer into law from a non-law degree. It allows you to undertake introductory law units as a pathway to the Bachelor of Laws from a Macquarie non-law degree.

Who you are

If you’ve been admitted to a non-law degree at Macquarie University, you can apply for admission to the Pre-Law Pathway prior to your first session of studies, if you meet the following criteria:

  • Completed your HSC in 2016.
  • Starting at Macquarie in 2017 – accepted an approved single degree (eg. Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Social Science, or Bachelor of Psychology).
  • Attained an ATAR of 93+ (minimum ATAR to be established each year) – bonus points can contribute towards this ATAR requirement.

Are you a Macquarie student currently enrolled in a non-law degree? See Pre-law Pathway information for current students.

How do I apply?

To apply you will need to have your preferred Macquarie non-law degree as a preference in your UAC application. After you have been offered and accepted a place in a non-law degree, you can apply directly to Macquarie Law School for the Pre-Law Pathway.

Applications for Session 1, 2017 entry are now closed.

After you apply

You will study LAW 115 Foundations of Law in your first Session, followed by:

  • LAWS104 – Contracts
  • LAWS108 – Law, Lawyers and Society
  • LAW109 – Criminal Justice

After completing all four units, you can apply for a course transfer into a Double Degree with Bachelor of Laws or a Single Bachelor of Laws.


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