Global leadership entry program

Global leadership entry program

Global Leadership Entry Program

Early entry program

The Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) recognises students who are active in their local and wider community, and have good results at school. The benefits for the program include an early offer to selected degree courses - that is not based on your ATAR. Early access to our facilities, Global Leadership Program (GLP) seminars and events in addition to early enrolment, support and networks to help you transition to university. 

Applications for GLEP 2017 intake are now closed. 

For students who have already applied and have questions, please see our After you apply FAQs or contact Student Connect.

After you apply FAQs

How do I check if my application has been received?

Upon submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email to your nominated email. You may also log in to Macquarie University eForms to check the status of your application. Your status should be either ‘Submitted’ or ‘In progress’.

Are there any conditions attached to the Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP) offer?

There are no additional requirements, such as ATAR or specific high school results, to receive your GLEP offer.

There’s an administrative condition. In order for you to receive an offer, you must apply via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and list the offered course, commencing Session 1, 2017, as first preference for local students and as any preference for international students.

Do I need to accept my offer within a certain timeframe?

You're advised to accept your offer within two weeks from the date of the offer. The offer will formally lapse if you don't get an official offer via UAC in the Early December Round on 9 December 2016 (for local students).

If you first accept an offer from UAC, you'll then be able to change your course preferences and compete on academic merit for different courses as part of the next rounds.

We encourage eligible students to accept their offer as soon as possible to gain early access to the GLEP benefits, such as access to our library and MUSE (Macquarie University Spatial Experience).

Once I've received an offer, can it be taken away; for example, if I didn't end up getting the required HSC (ATAR) prerequisite mark for the course?

A GLEP offer and the final official offer made via UAC is assessed based on your application, so your HSC results don't have any impact or bearing on your offer. The HSC results won't change the outcome of a successful GLEP offer.

However, it's important to note that students should complete their HSC and the course offered to them via GLEP should be their first preference in the Early December Round (for local students).

Having received an early offer from Macquarie, students can tackle their HSC exams with a renewed sense of purpose. Don't forget that your HSC results are a record of your overall academic achievement and will be useful for a range of things. For example, you may wish to seek part-time work or an internship and potential employers may consider your entire academic record. Or there may be a leadership opportunity that arises that includes academic achievement in its selection criteria.

Your HSC results are a significant part of the record of your potential and achievements, and we know that you're keen to ensure that your résumé reflects your true abilities. Hopefully, the certainty of your Macquarie offer will provide you with added encouragement to get your desired results, stress free.

Can I defer my offer?

Yes, once you've received the official offer via UAC in the Early December Round (for local students) you can follow the steps and conditions to defer your offer for one year.

I’ve changed my mind about which course I want to do, but I’ve already applied. Can I change my course?

Unfortunately No, once you’ve applied you’re not able to change your course.

How do I find out the status of my application?

You can log in to Macquarie University eForms and review the status of your application. Or, you can submit an online enquiry at

How do I update my personal details?

Submit an online enquiry at

How do I appeal a decision?

Submit an online enquiry at

What do I do if I’m asked for more documentation?

You may be asked to provide additional documentation to support your application. You can do this by logging in to your application and follow the steps to upload the additional documents.

I applied for GLEP by the closing date, but I didn’t receive a confirmation email and haven’t heard anything?

You can log in to Macquarie University eForms and review the status of your application. Or, you can submit an online enquiry at

I want to make a late application due to extenuating circumstances. What do I do?

Unfortunately, no late applications can be accepted. If you wish to discuss further, contact us at

I am worried about how I might cope with university-level studies. Is there any academic support?

Yes, the University provides free workshops and online resources to help you with academic writing, referencing, exam strategies and more. Visit our Learning Skills page for more information.

We also offer assistance with maths and stats through the Numeracy Centre. You can choose from a free drop-in service, weekly workshops for some first-year courses, bridging programs, preparatory courses and some online resources. Visit our Numeracy Centre page for more information.

If I decide I want to transfer courses, can I do that?

You may be able to transfer into your desired course if you meet the internal transfer criteria for the offered course. Students would need to commence in the Global Leadership Entry Program offered degree for at least one session. Visit our internal transfer page for more information on the internal transfer criteria.

Could I participate in the Global Leadership Program if I am unsuccessful in his application for early entry? 

Yes, you can read more about the program and how to sign up for an undergraduate student by visiting our Global Leadership Program page or contact once you have been accepted into the University.

Do I get any recognition for the activities I did in Year 12?

A benefit for Global Leadership Entry Program students is that they can have the activities they did in Year 12 considered for Global Leadership Program 'experiential points'. More information about how this works will be covered in their orientation session, should they receive an offer.

How will I find out the outcome of my application? 

We will notify you via email to the nominated email provided when you created your account. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed and assessed. This process may take up to 6–8 weeks.

When will I find out if I was successful for an interview, if I applied for the Bachelor of Business Leadership and Commerce degree? 

Short-listed applicants for the Bachelor of Business Leadership and Commerce will be contacted for an interview via email or phone about one week prior to the interview period. 

  • Applications submitted by 5pm, Friday 27 May will be considered for interview scheduled during the following period:
    Tuesday 14 June – Monday 20 June 2016, from 2.30pm
  • Applications submitted from Saturday 28 May to 5pm, Monday 29 August will be considered for interview scheduled during the following period:
    Monday 5 September – Monday 12 September 2016, from 2.30pm

When will I find out if I was successful for a GLEP Scholarship? 

Successful scholarship holders will be notified in mid December.

I have been made an offer, what are the next steps?

  1. Click on the link in the outcome email you have received and complete the form to accept the offer and register for an orientation session (see session dates below).
  2. Attend the orientation session and learn more about the program and opportunities on offer.
  3. Follow the steps in your offer letter to secure your offer via Universities Admissions Centre.

When are the orientation sessions? 

There are no more orientation sessions this year. If you didn't attend you should have received an email with important GLEP information.

Register your interest

Register your interest for the Global Leadership Entry Program and receive future communications from Macquarie University.

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