Entry schemes and pathways

Entry schemes and pathways

The standard UAC preference and offer process isn’t the only way into studying at Macquarie. 

Most university entrance schemes look at your academic achievements alone, but Macquarie knows you are more than your ATAR. Instead of judging you just by your ATAR, we treat you as an individual and not as a number by looking at the “whole you”.

Some of you will have done well in your studies and we will offer you a place at Macquarie based on your great results. Others might have demonstrated outstanding qualities in their volunteering or community work, and we value those too. Then there are those who might have been identified by their school as having attributes we are looking for and have excelled in subjects that relate to the degree they are interested in studying.

In short, we welcome students who succeed not only on paper, but also in life.

We have a range of options for you to explore. You may even find that we can make you an early offer to study at Macquarie, leaving you to complete your studies without stress.

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Early entry schemes

Academic Entry Program

What: At Macquarie, we take a different approach, by recognising that pioneering minds are more than just their ATAR score. Our Academic Entry Program considers your performance in individual subjects and matches your strengths to a degree that suits you.

Who: Year 12 students completing their HSC.

How: There’s no need to apply separately for this program once you’ve submitted your application to UAC.

More information about the Academic Entry Program.

Gifted and Talented Entry Program

What: The best and brightest don’t wait. Through the Gifted and Talented Entry Program, we offer you the opportunity to enrol and study at Macquarie while still in high school.

Who: Any Year 10 or 11 student demonstrating exceptional academic potential.

How: Applications for Year 10 and 11 students open 10 August 2015 and close 16 December 2015.

More information about the Gifted and Talented Entry Program.

Global Leadership Entry Program

What: We’re always searching for tomorrow’s global leaders to help us take on society’s big issues. That’s why we’ve developed the Global Leadership Entry Program, an early offer initiative for those looking to jump-start their higher education while still in high school.

Who: Year 12 students who are leaders in their community and actively involved in extracurricular activities.

How (apply): Direct applications through Macquarie for 2017 open in May 2016. We’ll consider your Year 11 and 12 results or IB predicted grades together with your community and extracurricular activities.

Once accepted into GLEP through Macquarie you will also need to submit a standard UAC application to receive your formal offer.

More information about the Global Leadership Entry Program.

Schools Recommendation Scheme

What: If you’re demonstrating great qualities at school, we want to know about it. By recommending you, your school could help you open the door to an early offer.

Who: Any Year 12 student who has been identified by their school as an ideal candidate for Macquarie University. Macquarie will review SRS applications based your school ratings, as well as your non-Year 12 academic achievements and awards.

How: Apply through UAC by 30 September 2015.

More information about the Schools Recommendation Scheme.

Alternative entry

Macquarie University International College

What: Diplomas are available in across 4 areas of study and are specifically designed to meet our entry requirements. Upon successful completion students are eligible for entry into second year of a related degree.

Foundation programs develop your academic and study skills allowing you to gain access into the first year of a range of degrees.  

Who: A high school student not confident in achieving the required ATAR or without the necessary qualifications for direct entry into a bachelors degree.

How: Apply directly to Macquarie. Applications open mid November.

Next Step Pathway

What: Next Step allows you to complete a range of Macquarie units (subjects). Upon successful completion of these units you receive guaranteed entry into 17 degrees.    

Who: A high school student not confident in achieving the required ATAR or a non-school applicant without the necessary qualifications for direct entry into a bachelors degree.

How: Apply through Macquarie’s Centre for Open Education. On-time applications close mid-January 2016.

More information about the Next Step Pathway.

Internal Transfer

What: Missed out on your preferred Macquarie degree but still have your hopes set? Don’t worry, Macquarie provides the opportunity to enrol in a degree with a lower ATAR and then transfer to your preferred degree in as little as six months.

Who: Students who didn’t get the ATAR or meet academic requirements for their desired degree.

How: You can apply for all Macquarie degrees through UAC. Once you’ve partially completed your first degree and you meet the necessary requirements, you may then apply for a course transfer directly through Macquarie.

More information about Internal Transfer.

Distance Education

What: Distance education at Macquarie University is the best option for you to study either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science at your own pace and to your own schedule. Our distance education courses are designed to deliver the same learning as those available in the classroom.

Who: Any Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.

How: Apply via UAC and complete the compulsory supplementary form to be uploaded with your UAC application.

Pre-law Pathway

What:  Macquarie’s Pre-law Pathway is the alternative avenue for those looking to transfer into law from a non-law degree. It allows students in a Macquarie non-law degree to undertake introductory law units as a pathway to the Bachelor of Laws.

Who: Students who attained an ATAR of 93+ and have been accepted into an approved single degree.

How: Apply directly to Macquarie. You will also need to complete a UAC application and be accepted for the non-law Macquarie degree.

More information about the Pre-law Pathway.

Transfer from another university

Students must apply through UAC. UAC will take into account both their academic record at tertiary level as well as their ATAR.

For students who have only completed up to twelve months of tertiary study and seek to reapply through UAC, they will be selected based on the best of their tertiary study or their ATAR, whichever is higher.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test

What: The Special Tertiary Admissions Test is an alternative entry method to Macquarie University that is measured through a series of competency and critical-thinking tests.

Who: The STAT is available for non-school leavers who were not able to gain a sufficient ATAR rank for an initial Macquarie offer. It is available for most Macquarie courses.

How: Register for STAT through University Admissions Centre (UAC).

TAFE and private college

What: Completed TAFE NSW qualifications are a valuable stepping-stone to a Macquarie University degree. We recognise the full range of AQF Accredited Awards including Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Diploma and Associate Degree.

Who: An Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident who has fully completed a recognised TAFE NSW qualification.

How: You can apply directly through Macquarie for courses in Business and Management, Accounting, IT (Games Design), Environmental Management, and Science.

All other courses can be applied for through UAC.

Open Universities (OUA)

What: Open Universities Australia allows you to study around work, family and travel commitments. Study is fully online, there are no entry requirements and you can choose from a wide range of Macquarie undergraduate and postgraduate units.

Who: Any Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.

How: Apply for OUA study at Macquarie University via OUA.

If you complete four Macquarie units within four 13-week sessions you can apply via UAC for the on-campus Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University.

More information about Open Universities.

Indigenous Students

What: We believe that education is the equal right of every person. To that end, Macquarie offers the Indigenous Entry Program, providing the opportunity for those who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Who: Anyone identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander including those who may not have completed the HSC or gained the required ATAR.

How: Go to the Macquarie University Indigenous Students webpage and fill out the application form to attend an assessment day.

Offers are made according to merit, based on demonstrated ability to undertake University study at an on-campus assessment day.

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