Research graduate ready for future research opportunities

Research graduate ready for future research opportunities

Why did you decide to undertake postgraduate studies in research?
As part of my postgraduate studies at Macquarie I took some research units. I discovered that I really enjoyed the research process and decided I would like to undertake a larger research project. The MRes offers a chance for students to engage in a year-long independent research project, with the support and guidance of a network of expert advisers. It seemed like a great way for me to test the research waters.

Why did you choose Macquarie University for your studies?
I decided to study the MRes at Macquarie for several reasons. I completed both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University. Macquarie’s interdisciplinary approach really appeals to me, particularly as my own interests span across some very different disciplines. It offers a lot of flexibility to its students in terms of what and how they study. I also liked that Macquarie provides a really diverse learning environment, with students and staff from across the world bringing varied perspectives and experiences. This international dimension has really enriched my own study experience.

What are some highlights about studying the Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research that you would like to share with prospective students?
The MRes lets you investigate a topic you are really passionate about – in my case ethical eating. My research project used a food justice conceptual framework to investigate how ethical food movements are evolving in the Australian context. It examined what ethical eating means, what tensions and obstacles need to be resolved or overcome, and what enabling conditions might assist in expanding ethical food movements.

It is really satisfying to produce an extended piece of writing that is the culmination of the work you’ve done over the year and that contributes something to the field of knowledge you are interested in. I’ve also loved being able to meet and collaborate with other researchers.

How has what you learnt in your postgraduate studies helped you in your work and to achieve your professional goals?
Undertaking an MRes has helped equip me for any future academic or professional research opportunities. It has exposed me to a range of new ideas and research methodologies and allowed me to expand my research skillset and experience base. I’d like to undertake a PhD in the future and I now feel much better prepared to do so. I would highly recommend the MRes to any student interested in research.

The Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes) is a unique combination of advanced coursework and research training. This research training pathway replaces most honours as the main pathway to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and is consistent with the well-known ‘Bologna model’.

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