Adult education student experience

Adult education student experience

Ahmed-EL-SandoubyAhmed El-Sandouby
Master of Applied Linguistics specialising in TESOL

"Researching Macquarie online I discovered its outstanding international reputation for linguistics and academic research. I also discovered I could complete the masters program by distance and that it was highly flexible and professional compared to other distance programs around the world. Macquarie has well-qualified tutors, rich resources and highly professional administration and management - it's an environment that is highly conducive to learning."

Mahmoud AlmahmoudMahmoud Almahmoud
Master of Applied Linguistics

"I spent 11 months studying English at the Centre for Macquarie English (CME) before progressing through to his Master degree. Over that period, my English skills improved greatly until he had the ability to undertake rigorous academic studies in English. Macquarie is a leader in the field of Applied Linguistics, not only in Australia, but also in the world.”

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