Postgraduate experience

Postgraduate experience

Connect with your future career through the Masters program capstone unit.

Apply the learning you have achieved in your Creative Writing or Children's Literature Masters program in a professional context of your choice.

Involvement in industry or community is encouraged: a project in this capstone unit might include journal editing and production, creating a series of podcasts, a conference paper or literary festival presentation, a curriculum and assessment design, or writing a research paper for peer-reviewed journal publication. The aims and context for your major project will complement and extend your creative, research or vocational aims. 

Past professional context projects in Literature and Writing in Professional Contexts - ENGL875 have included production of an issue of The Quarry, podcasts on writing for musical theatre, school-based curriculums, a community-based creative writing curriculum, and journal articles. Undertake the internship or professional project of your choice.

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