As a graduate in the business field, you’ll be sought after by leading companies and NGOs across Australia and internationally. That’s because Macquarie equips you with the skills that employers want. Our interdisciplinary approach gives you the chance to combine courses and get more hands ­on experience through internships with some of Australia’s best companies. We offer flexibility so you can choose to generalise or specialise in an area that interests you – be it business, economics, commerce, accounting, finance, actuarial studies, analytics, marketing or management.

  • Accounting

    With trusted industry relationships and pioneering education and research programs, study the ‘language of business’ with the largest accounting tuition provider in New South Wales.

  • Actuarial studies

    Macquarie's actuarial studies degree is the longest-running program of its kind in Australia and is accredited by the Actuaries Institute. Learn to apply mathematical, statistical, economic and financial analysis to a range of practical problems in long-term financial planning and management.

  • Business administration

    This flexible, well rounded management discipline opens doors for a broad range of business opportunities in Australia and internationally.

  • Business analysis

    The impact of Big Data, new technologies, business intelligence and media platforms, makes the data analysis of business exciting. Developed in consultation with industry, our cross ­disciplinary degrees provide you with critical skills that will see you in demand with employers.

  • Commerce

    Commerce at Macquarie uses an extensive set of integrated foundation units to orient you to business, you can then choose from nine majors to develop depth in your chosen discipline(s).

  • Economics

    Economics affects our lives every single day. This discipline provides an understanding of modern economies, the role of prices and markets in allocating resources, and economic trade and growth. It provides the basis for economic decision making in business and government, and for the design of public policy to enhance...

  • Finance

    You can become a professional in the field of finance – a system of markets, banks, laws, financial instruments and businesses, facilitating the flow of funds to investments. Our finance degrees cover a broad range of current knowledge and technical skills, so you are able to provide advice about optimal...

  • Human resources

    We’re accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute, so we know what it takes to become a people management professional.

  • International business

    International business at Macquarie gives you the skills and commercial business knowledge to take your career around the world.

  • Management

    With an international reputation for excellence in management education, we'll help you develop the skills, knowledge, experience and business connections necessary to pursue a career in management.

  • Marketing

    Our unique blend of marketing strategy, brand management and digital production will set you apart as you build your career through marketing, communications, brand and product management roles to the highest levels in the private and public sector.

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