Cyber security

Cyber security 

Study cyber security through simulated attack scenarios.

In July 2015 a group of hackers took control of a jeep and took it for a spin down a US highway, prompting Fiat Chrysler to recall 1.4 million vehicles for a security upgrade. Around the same time, a dating site promoting extramarital affairs was hacked by a vigilante group who threatened to release the names and details of members unless the website’s owners complied with their demands.

Cyber security has moved far beyond traditional security roles, with businesses, governments and individuals vulnerable to remote attack and misuse of their data. The annual cost to the global economy from cyber crime is estimated at more than $400 billion.

Macquarie is the only Australian university offering students the opportunity to study cyber security at the undergraduate level, as well as offering masters programs that build on that knowledge; explore strategic and tactical issues; and examine the increasing importance of cyber terrorism, cyber policing and cyber intelligence.

Our pioneering approach

Our academics and teachers are experts in the field, and they work closely with KPMG, EY, PriceWaterhouse, IBM and the Australian Government to ensure students graduate with expertise in preventing cyber attacks on both public and private sector systems, and in making networks and infrastructure more resistant to attack from cyber criminals.

We’re also home to the Advanced Cyber Security Research Centre, which is undertaking research in a wide range of areas including web services security, trusted computing, secure virtualisation, mobile agents security, wireless security, mobile ad hoc and sensor networks security, denial of service attacks, peer-to-peer computing security and formal security techniques, and applied cryptography.

Get hands-on experience

Our law, security and intelligence programs have been developed in response to employers’ needs for graduates with both technical knowledge and practical work skills.

Many of our degrees open doors to postgraduate study. Whether you leave Macquarie with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, you’ll be ready to apply your knowledge and develop pioneering solutions to tough issues.

Start seeing the world in a different light – and you just might change it.

Shine a light on cyber security in the following courses:

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