Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing awareness week

Four in ten Australians with hearing loss have it because of noise exposure, making it the leading cause of hearing loss in this country.

This week is Hearing Awareness Week: a week intended to educate Australians about the dangers of hearing loss. One of the biggest reasons we are damaging our hearing is that noise exposure is cumulative over a life-time, meaning all those loud gigs you attended and bars you frequented as a young adult have taken a toll on your hearing health. And every over exposure event adds up – just like too much UV – radiation or exposure to the sun. So while in the short term there may seem to be no serious problems, in the long term you may have issues.

Hearing test

Test your hearing using the online ‘Hearing Test’ developed by Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub member, National Acoustics Laboratories.

Hearing check

Getting regular hearing checks, Professor McAlpine Director of Hearing Research at Macquarie’s Australian Hearing Hub says, is a great way to ensure that any form of ‘hidden hearing loss’ is picked up as early as possible.

So if you think you have some form of hearing loss, don’t wait. Make a booking and get your hearing checked at the Macquarie Speech and Hearing Clinic or Australian Hearing clinic located within the Australian Hearing Hub on campus.

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