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  • Research

    Advanced database searching including search/subject alerts. Identifying useful methodology. Evaluating sources, literature reviews and systematic reviews. ... Evidence-based practice question and literature search support. is Macquarie…

  • Open Universities Australia

    What textbooks will I need? Visit and search for a unit to view all textbook information.

  • FAQs As an OUA student, can I borrow books from the Macquarie University Library?

    Publish date:As Macquarie OUA units are taught online, we've ensured that all the essential readings are available through Macquarie's online library resourses, or within your set texts.  Should you wish to read more broadly, you can make contact with a library in your region and arrange borrowing rights. Most university libraries have an agreement for example to allow students of other universities to borrow from them for a small annual fee.  If you are enrolled in Macquarie University OUA units, you may

    search. As an OUA student, can I borrow books from the Macquarie University Library?

  • Grant applications

    Macquarie University staff are also able to utilise the Research Professional database to search for research funding opportunities.

  • Undergraduate study

    Search our courses. It can take just five steps to get into uni.

  • Application process

    Select the 'My Applications' tab in  eStudent and search for 'Articulation' in the Course Search section to apply.

  • Interlibrary loans

    Our policies are found in the ILRS directory – search for ‘NMQU’.

  • Student tips for orientation

    Get familiar with our state of the art Library and learn how to search for books, articles, unit readings, past exam papers and more.

  • Medicine and Health Sciences | University Courses | MQ

    Medical professionals are a lot like detectives. As they search for leads, disregard suspects and ultimately solve mysteries, they also have the thrill of knowing that each scientific discovery they make

  • Your Undergraduate Offer -Session 2

    Have a question? Need more information? Search our knowledge base. ... Enter the program name in the search field below or click 'Browse program guides' to access your guide.

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