Macquarie research project form (APLI/coversheet)

Macquarie research project form (APLI/coversheet)

Purpose of the Macquarie research project form (APLI/coversheet)

Why do we need the Macquarie research project form (APLI/coversheet)?

  • To record, track and manage your research proposal and the department and faculty approvals
  • To collect relevant investigator and/or institutional certifications when required by funding bodies
  • To enable the Research Office and Office of Financial Services to create your project account(s) once the grant or contract is funded
  • To collect essential information for internal and external/government reporting purposes

Instructions for internal applicants (i.e. Macquarie staff)

The Macquarie research project form (ALPI/coversheet) for your research grant proposal or partner-funded research project is completed online in IRIS (Research Master):

1.    Login to IRIS using your Macquarie OneID.
2.    Go to the "Projects" tab and click on "My Project Requests".
3.    Click on "Create an RPR", select the APLI template (not OLT) and then complete and submit the form.

This form can be copied (cloned) for reuse:

1.    Go to "My Project Requests" under the "Projects" tab and find a project in the APLI template (not OLT)
2.    Push the "clone" button on the far right of the relevant Coversheet from your list of Coversheets.
3.    Make the necessary changes (e.g. title, funding source, budget) to complete the "new" Coversheet.

For a guide on completing the Macquarie research project form (APLI/coversheet) in IRIS, please see our instructions.

Instructions for external applicants for Fellowship applications (i.e. from outside of Macquarie)

As an external applicant you will need to organise for your Macquarie University supervisor/sponsor to complete the online form for you via IRIS (following the steps/instructions above).

This may apply for applications to the following schemes:

ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships
ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)
ARC Future Fellowships
NHMRC Career Development Fellowships
NHMRC Early Career Fellowships
NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships
NHMRC Practitioner Fellowships
NHMRC Research Fellowships
NHMRC Translating Research
Into Practice Fellowships
MQ Research Fellowships (MQRF)
MQ Fellowships for Indigenous Researchers Scheme (MUFIR)
Other Miscellaneous Fellowships

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