Study with us - Macquarie University Planetary Research Centre

Study with us - Macquarie University Planetary Research Centre


The PRC supports multidisciplinary degree structures, with the possibility of majors or double majors in Geology, Geophysics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Engineering, and Environmental Sciences. Our degrees combine the possibility of doing a major with a strong industry focus, and research in fundamental planetary science.

Centre Staff co-teach a number of planetary-science units, including ASTR178: Other Worlds: Planets and Planetary Systems, and GEOS204: Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Come and talk to us about a degree combining strong employment opportunities, and an opportunity to explore the planets.

Master of Research

The PRC is committed to supporting integrated, multi-disciplinary Master of Research research projects, particularly those drawing on expertise across multiple departments. Interested in astrophysics and geophysics? Combine them. Want to integrate electronic engineering and detection of exoplanets? Let’s do it. Like to integrate traditional field geology, and satellite-derived remote sensing datasets? Come talk to us.

We offer logistical and project support to Master of Research projects within the PRC. Come find a supervisor today.


We have many PhD opportunities with field of planetary science. A full list of potential projects will be posted soon. Come find a supervisor today.

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