Climate Futures aims to establish itself as a multi-disciplinary networking group, providing opportunities for engagement with leading climate researchers, governmental decision makers, non-governmental organisations, business and other stakeholders. This network will act as a platform from which cross-disciplinary climate change research and education can take place.


Professor Lesley Hughes
Dr Peter Rogers

Executive Committee

Lesley Hughes - Co-director of Climate Futures at Macquarie
Peter Rogers - Co-director of Climate Futures at Macquarie

Dr. Linda Beaumont - Director of Outreach
Leanne Denby - Director Macquarie University Sustainability
Dr Melanie Bishop - Theme Leader
Professor Sandy Harrison - Co-director of Education
Professor John McAneney - Director of Risk Frontiers
Professor Peter Nelson
Professor Colin Prentice - Theme Leader
Dr. Ram Ranjan - Theme Leader
Dr. Catherine Simpson - Director of Communication
Associate Professor Stefan Trueck - Theme Leader
Dr. Chi Truong - Theme Leader
Dr. Alexander Zahar - Co-director of Education

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