Climate Futures

Climate Futures

July 22nd 2010



Speaker: Jeff Goodell

Time: 1.00 - 2.30pm

Location: Building E6A, Room 102

Audience: Everyone

Abstract: Geo-engineering is the large-scale manipulation of the earth’s climate and is now being considered as a response strategy for anthropogenic climate change. Ocean fertilization, carbon burial, sulphate aerosol injection into the atmosphere and atmospheric carbon capture are just some of the diverse schemes that are now being discussed in both the scientific community and political arena. However, is geo-engineering a viable mitigation solution for climate change on any scale, or could it be a ‘cane toad’ solution for Australia?

Climate Futures at Macquarie invites you to participate in a forum that explores the range of schemes that are being proposed as an answer for decreasing net climate impacts. Jeff Goodell, author of the new book, "How to Cool the Planet: Geoengineering and the Audacious Quest to Fix the Earth's Climate " will give a short presentation on a variety of these proposed schemes. This will be followed by an open forum between, Goodell, climate scientists and the audience to discuss the implication of such schemes and how they fit in with climate adaptation strategies.

Bio: Jeff Goodell is a journalist, author and commentator on environmental and energy issues, who has become an advocate on climate change, particularly in relation to the coal industry and proposed geoengineering technologies. In 2001 Goodell wrote an article about the American coal industry for the New York Times Magazine, which sparked an interest in the environmental, cultural and economic impacts of what is one of the USA's biggest industries. He was initially skeptical about the prospect of scientists being able to 'fix' a looming climate crisis. He now says geoengineering is a "technological fix for a political problem" and though not an advocate for geoengineering, he is sure it will be one of the big questions of the next decade.

To participate in this discussion we ask that you email your questions/thoughts/ideas on geo-engineering to Leigh Staas by Monday 19th July 2010.

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