Climate Futures

Climate Futures

Climate Futures at Macquarie presents State of Siege

Speakers: John Mant, Jack Mundey and Dennis Grosvenor
When: Friday 6th May 2011 
Where: Building Y3A Theatre 1
Time: 5.10pm - 7.00pm
Audience: Everyone

State of Seige, is a feature length documentary by Sydney resident, Dennis Grosvenor that tracks the history and modern conflict between development and urban conservation. Steeped in a culture of political donations, modern politics has put the basic tenets of democratic rights under threat. When Grosvenor returned from vacation to find his once verdant Ku-ring-gai neighbourhood, scattered with bulldozers, workers demolishing heritage buildings, ripping up fertile soils and gardens, and chopping down remnants of the age-old surrounding bushland, he had no control over this destruction, as the NSW government had enacted laws accelerating the approval process for large urban developments, stripping the rights of local councils and resident consultation. 

This is a story of developer greed steamrolling community rights: a discourse in socio-political power relations – a common theme in resource and environmental issues. This is a must see for all with an interest or field of study in resource and environmental management, planning and human geography.

A forum discussion will follow the documentary. Convened by Dr Marco Amati from the Graduate School of the Environment at Macquarie University, it will be between John Mant, former acting commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Jack Mundey, ex-leader of the NSW Builders' Labourers Federation during the famous Green Bans of the 1970s and filmmaker Dennis Grosvenor.


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