Research Staff - Climate Futures

Research Staff - Climate Futures

Five Minute Forum - Green Infrastructure

Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world and represents the global trend towards living in cities. The challenge for those in urban planning is to ensure our cities are livable and sustainable. Green infrastructure integrates natural and built environments to create a network of green spaces and integrated urban water management solutions to deliver multiple environmental, health, economic and social benefits. The success of green infrastructure policy and practice will rely on a well thought-out and coordinated effort between all sectors.

The National Green Infrastructure Research Network will facilitate partnerships between academia, government, private practice and industry. The partnerships will service as a community of practice and facilitate evidence-based research to quantify how green infrastructure can support a more sustainable urban environment.

Formal establishment of the Network will provide an opportunity for Macquarie University to collaborate with multi-academic institutions, local and state government, private practitioners and industry partners.  With an emphasis of creating livable, resilient and sustainable landscapes, the network aims to
-    build strategic cross-institutional partnerships to leverage a diverse range of expertise both locally, nationally and internationally
-    increase knowledge transfer and share resources between institutions and sectors to build capacity and limit repetition
-    collaborate with policy makers, practitioners and industry partners to provide strong evidence-based research that supports the co-benefits of green infrastructure
-    provide unique learning and teaching opportunities across sectors
-    develop best-practice for green infrastructure in urban environments 


  • Environmental managers and decision-makers
  • Industry leaders and decision-makers in the fields of architecture, landscape, horticulture and engineering
  • Non-government organisations
  • University academics, researchers and students
  • Consultants


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