Research Staff - Climate Futures

Research Staff - Climate Futures

Green Roofs, Green walls, Green cities: the adaptive potential of green infrastructure in the city

The ecological footprint of cities serves to remind us of the effect that urban life has on the planet's resources. Yet while cities in Australia and other developed countries contribute overwhelmingly to climate change and environmental destruction they also provide solutions to the environmental problems. As cities provide growth they provide environmental innovation, increasingly so as urban dwellers become aware of the vulnerability of their lifestyle.

Green infrastructure can provide a range of solutions from the provision of food security to reducing the heat island effect through green walls and roofs to providing for a low carbon future. As a group of innovations they aim to allow cities to live within their own ecological resources rather than drawing them in from elsewhere.

The objectives and outcomes of the workshop will be:
- To provoke discussion on the use of green infrastructure in mitigating and adapting to climate change
- To connect decision-makers and researchers in this area.
- To facilitate industry in guiding effective and timely research in this area.
- To spark initial conversations that will lead to more lasting connections between researchers and stakeholders in the future with a future larger meeting tabled for February 2013. 


  • Environmental managers and decision-makers
  • Industry leaders and decision-makers in the fields of architecture, landscape, horticulture and engineering
  • Non-government organisations
  • University academics, researchers and students
  • Consultants


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Leigh Staas, Executive Officer of Climate Futures
Phone: 02 98506297

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