Research Staff - Climate Futures

Research Staff - Climate Futures

Resilient Partnerships Workshop: Communicating for Successful Community Collaborations Workshop

The Institutions, Policy and Planning (IPP) research theme at Climate Futures at Macquarie in partnership with the Risk Response and Resilience group at the Societal Security Initiative (SSI) invite you to participate in the upcoming workshop on ‘Resilient Partnerships: Communicating for Successful Community Collaborations’.

This event will follow our previous workshop on ‘Building Resilient Communities: Engagement and Shared Responsibility' hosted by Climate Futures at Macquarie on 8 August 2012. This workshop attracted over 30 stakeholders from a range of state and local government agencies and the private sector, including senior directors at The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Ministry of Police and Emergency Services (click here for more detail).

Building on the success of this event we will host a second workshop with the aim to draw community and volunteer organisations into the discussions and to generate concrete, tangible research-driven outcomes for the consortium, with the IPP and SSI as the joint intellectual hub of future activity within Macquarie University. We have secured a number of high profile speakers from federal government, interstate volunteer agencies, and local community organisations to identify key areas of need at each level and to help us focus the research agenda.

We aim to generate from this workshop concrete ideas for research projects to be conducted by PhD students at Macquarie University in collaboration with interested consortium partners. These ideas will help us to generate Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects and other externally funded tenders in climate change and disaster resilience research. The workshop will also support Climate Futures to establish itself and its partners as a major focus in NSW for research and practice on resilience and societal security for Safeguarding Australia.


For further information contact
Leigh Staas, Executive Officer of Climate Futures
Phone: 02 98506297

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