Research Staff - Climate Futures

Research Staff - Climate Futures

Priorities for Biodiversity Adaptation to Climate Change

The workshop will be held in Sydney and hosted by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, Department of Premier and Cabinet (OEH) with assistance from the ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, Climate Futures at Macquarie University and Great Eastern Ranges Initiative.

The workshop is intended to bring together researchers and land managers to build on available knowledge concerning predicted climate change effects on  biodiversity and biodiversity threats to begin to define the needs, priorities and common ground for responses by conservation managers and researchers. 

 The workshop will focus on our current understanding of identifying and prioritising areas to give us the best potential to maximise biodiversity persistence and threat management in light of climate projections.  Consideration will be given to what management actions could be implemented to maximise biodiversity persistence while knowledge and understanding continue to develop through research. In terms of outcomes, the workshop will:


1. Reach agreement on the main approaches and principles used to identify landscapes which might be prioritised for management to support species adaptation to continuing and emerging pressures as climatic conditions change.

2. Recommend interim guidelines for which landscapes and key areas should be given highest priority for management to support species persistence under predicted future conditions.

3. Develop recommendations on how existing knowledge and priorities might better be converted to onground management action in current and intended future conservation management programs.

It is anticipated it will include around 40 participants from Government agencies (including CMAs and local government), research institutions and non-government organisations. Your involvement is encouraged given the particular knowledge and contribution we believe you would make to the discussions.

In preparation, a draft background paper is currently being finalised which sets out the basis for key themes that will be discussed at the workshop. A copy of the paper will be circulated to participants in early November to stimulate thinking and out of session discussion ahead of the event.

If you wish to discuss the scope or intent of the workshop and its outcomes further, please contact Peter Smith on 02 9895 6473 or

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