Research Staff - Climate Futures

Research Staff - Climate Futures

Five Minute Forum

Last year Climate Futures ran a series of workshops that were aimed at strengthening partnerships and identifying research gaps. This year we want to extend the conversation to develop strategic collaborations based on the National Research Investment Plan with the view to applying for ARC Linkage Grants in November 2013 and beyond.

The National Research Investment Plan (NRIP) was released in November 2012 and aims to improve the living standards and wellbeing of Australians through building of a strong, cohesive, national research fabric that contributes to

  • increased productivity in the public and private sectors, and
  • addresses national and global challenges

The Plan outlines the need to facilitate enduring multidisciplinary relationships between researchers and end-users to address Australia’s key challenges.

In a response to the NRIP, Climate Futures will be hosting a forum to bring together our members and external partners to develop collaborations based on the five key domains identified in the NRIP.

The Forum will showcase the interests and capabilities of our members and external partners and provide opportunity for participants to network around a shared research vision.

SESSION ONE: The session has been developed to provide a dynamic, fast-paced introduction to the capabilities and research interests of Climate Futures members and our external partners.

The objectives of the session are to:

  • build capacity within Climate Futures;
  • strengthen existing partnerships, while facilitating the identification of new partnerships;
  • connect our members with government, non-government and industry partners

SESSION TWO: The session has been developed to advance the conversation and will consist of a discussion about ARC Linkage grants and an opportunity for meaningful engagement between Climate Futures members and our external partners.

Climate Futures will provide participants with structured time to network and build capacity around a shared research vision with the aim of facilitating the identification of new and innovative alliances.

By using the NRIP as a strategic framework Climate Futures aims to leverage ARC Linkage Grants and other funding sources to generate new knowledge across traditional boundaries that will have the potential for enhancing the integration of research, policy and practice needs.

If you are interested in presenting or participating please contact Leigh Staas:


  • Macquarie University academics, researchers and students
  • Industry leaders and decision-makers
  • Non-government organisations
  • Consultants


For further information contact
Leigh Staas, Executive Officer of Climate Futures
Phone: 02 98506297

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