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Climate Futures

Climate Futures Workshops 

 April 15th 2014

Resilience: Communication and Collaboration Workshop

Organiser: Dr Peter Rogers
When: April 15th 2014, 10.00am-4.00pm
Location: Macquarie University 
Aug 30th 2013

Five Minute Forum


Organiser: Professor Lesely Hughes and Dr Peter Rogers
When: 30th August 2013, 10.00am-4.00pm
Location: Macquarie University 
Dec 4th 2012

Green Roofs, Green walls, Green cities: the adaptive potential of green infrastructure in the city

The aim of this workshop is to provoke discussion between researchers and stakeholders in industry, local councils, consultants, NGOs and others on the role that green infrastructure can play in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Organiser: Professor Lesely Hughes and Dr Marco Amati
When: Tuesday 4th December 2012, 9.30am-4.30pm
Location: Macquarie University 
Nov 22nd 2012

Priorities for biodiversity adaptation to climate change

The workshop is intended to bring together researchers and land managers to build on available knowledge concerning predicted climate change effects on biodiversity and biodiversity threats to begin to define the needs, priorities and common ground for responses by conservation managers and researchers. 

Organiser: NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, Department of Premier and Cabinet (OEH) with assistance from the ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, Climate Futures at Macquarie University and Great Eastern Ranges Initiative
When: Thursday 22nd November 2012, 9.00am-4.00pm
Location: 11 York St Sydney, Level 2, City Campus (Macquarie University) Sydney
Nov 6th 2012 Resilient Partnerships Workshop: Communicating for Successful Community Collaborations Workshop Organiser: Climate Futures and Societal Security Initiative
When: Tuesday 6th November 2012, 8.30am-5.30pm
Location: Meeting Room 267, Building E12A, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 99 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park, North Ryde, Sydney
Sep 6th 2012

Climate change adaptation decisions: New research and tools

This event will discuss information vital for making decisions that account for climate change in Australia. 

Organiser: Climate Futures and NCCARF
When: Thursday 6th September 2012, 2.00pm-5.00pm
Location: Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 37 Pitt St, Sydney
August 8th 2012 'Building Resilient Communities’ Engagement and Shared Responsibility' Workshop. Organiser: Climate Futures and Societal Security Initiative
When: 8th August 2012, 2.00pm-5.00pm
Location: 229 Lane Cove Rd, Level 3, Meeting Room 373, North Ryde
May 14th 2012

Science Communication Seminar & Workshop

The S Factor: Filmmaking for scientists (10.00am - 12.00pm)
In this session Randy Olson will discuss science’s crimes against communication, including his own! Using his ‘Four organs of mass communication’ theory, Olson will demonstrate the importance of getting out of your head and into your ‘heart’ and ‘gut’ in order to communicate important environmental issues. He will also show a selection of short films to explain the importance and power of storytelling. If you’ve made a film, please send us the link (under 5 minutes). 

Storyomics: Communicating in the Blink of an Eye (limit to 25 participants)
In our second session, Randy Olson will present an overview of the basic principles of communication focusing on the ‘elevator pitch’, storytelling techniques & other rapid communication strategies. Using 3 simple words: ‘and … but … and therefore’ you will have the opportunity to distil your science research into a 30 second spiel and establish: “Who is your target audience?”,  “Why is your communication important?” and “What is at stake?”

Speaker: Dr Randy Olson
When: 14th May 2012, 10.00am -3.30pm
Location: Biology Tearoom E8A 280

July 25th 2011

Marine and Coastal Impacts and Adaptation Workshop

The Marine and Coastal Impacts and Adaptation Research Theme bring together those working on issues such as coastal, estuarine and shelf geoscience, coastal and marine climate risk, global and local change on coastal biodiversity, the safeguarding and sustainable utilisation of bio-cultural heritage and legal strategies for marine environmental governance.

This will be the first in a series of Climate Futures workshops. The objective of each workshop is to focus on developing long-term, high quality research projects.

Organiser: Associate Professor Ian Goodwin, Dr Erika Techera & Dr Melanine Bishop
When: Monday 4th June 2012, 2.00pm -3.30pm
Location: Biology Tearoom E8A 280
July 4-8th 2011 3rd Polar Marine Diatom Taxonomy and Ecology Workshop Organiser: Dr Leanne Armand
When: July 4-8th 2011
Location: Macquarie University
Sep 9th 2010

Research Discussion and Grant Development Group - Geoengineering

This group will examine (i) impact assessment on the Australian climate, environment and society; and (ii) investigate national and international governance to prevent or control any geoengineering proposals.

Organiser: A/Professor Ian Goodwin,
When: 9th September 2010, 1.00-2.00pm.
Location: Building E7A Room 82
Sep 3rd 2010

Research Discussion and Grant Development Group - Coastal Zones and Climate Change

This group will examine the social, legal, planning, physical and biological issues of coastal squeeze: sea-level rise impacts on the coast, estuaries and coastal lowlands.

Organiser: Dr. Melanie Bishop
When: 3rd September 2010, 1.00-2.00pm.
Location: Building E7A Room 829
Sep 2nd 2010

Research Discussion and Grant Development Group - Climate Change Impacts on Bio-cultural Heritage.

This group will examine the biophysical, social, economic, legal and governance aspects of Climate Change and Bio-cultural Heritage: impacts on indigenous food source supply and conservation (including fisheries) in the Australasian region.

Organiser: Dr. Linda Beaumont
When: 2nd September 2010, 2.00pm -3.30pm
Location: Building E7A Room 829
July 30th 2010

Climate Futures Five Minute Forum

The forum is an opportunity for Climate Futures to showcase the unique range of climate-related expertise of our members. This will be a fast paced, dynamic introduction to the current research and areas of interest of our members. Our overall aim is to build capacity within our research centre and we ask that all members and their postgraduate students participate.

Speaker: Climate Futures members and postgraduate students
When: 30th July 2010, 9.30 - 1.00pm
Location: Biology Tearoom E8A 280







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