Climate Futures

Climate Futures

A Etymology & Genealogy of Resilience: Towards Mitigation, Adaptation and Climate Change

Speaker: Dr Peter Rogers - Co-director of Climate Futures
When: Tuesday 27th March 2012, 1.00pm-2.00pm
Location: Building E6A Room 102
Audience: Academics, staff, students

Abstract: In recent times there has been an increase in the use of resilience as a buzz-word in a range of policy initiatives, particularly in disaster and emergency management. This paper traces the origins of the term from its etymological roots to its contemporary uses in research, showing the re-emergence of resilience as a hot policy metaphor with multiple applications. The suggestion is made that resilience is increasingly split by different applications - and not always helpfully - leading to different interpretations amongst theorists, policy makers and practitioners. However the concept can potentially assist in guiding change towards more 'adaptive' self-sustaining and participatory approaches to problem-solving. Indeed this is already filtering out into the development of resilient thinking in quality standards in a range of policy and practice areas throughout security and emergency professions. Resilient ways of thinking, doing and acting could also in the future steer positive action from the grass-roots level through to international policy guiding mitigation and adaptation efforts around climate change.

Bio: Dr Peter Rogers is from the Macquarie Sociology Department, is the Director of Social Science and is a member of numerous research networks that investigate emergency management, risk and security.

Peter’s current research explores the policy development in resilience, and the implementation of policy in emergency management and security professions in Australia; emphasising the relationship between ecological, community and organisational forms of resilience to disaster events.

Listen to this seminar - recording starts at 5.00min

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