Climate Futures

Climate Futures

Food Security 

Speaker: Mr Rade Musulin
When: Tuesday 5th June 2012, 1.00pm-2.00pm
Location: Building E6A Room 102
Audience: Everyone

Abstract: Few residents of developed countries pay much attention to the issue of food security, as modern agriculture produces cheap and plentiful food. However, in many developing countries people spend a large proportion of their income on food, and price shocks in key commodities like wheat can trigger massive social unrest. Demographic trends are placing significant pressure on food supplies globally, and government policies, such as shifting corn production to ethanol for motor transport, are making the situation worse. Even without considering any effects from climate change, assuring an adequate and affordable food supply for the world is likely to be a major issue in coming years. Potential effects of climate change will only exacerbate the situation. This session will explore the demographic trends affecting the global food supply and consider the effect of various climate scenarios.

Bio: Rade is Chief Operating Officer of Aon Benfield Analytics Asia Pacific, which provides analysis of catastrophic events such as cyclones, earthquakes, hailstorms, tsunami and bushfire, large injury claims, risk transfer strategies and the cost of risk transfer for Aon clients in the region.

Until May 2006, Rade was Vice President of Operations, Public Affairs, & Reinsurance of the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies, Gainesville, Florida, USA. His duties included the design and negotiation of reinsurance contracts covering hurricane and earthquake exposed property in south-eastern USA.  He represented the Farm Bureau before various governmental agencies at state and federal levels.  He has held prominent positions in insurance industry trade organisations and the US actuarial profession.  He served on the Advisory Council of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund for eight years, and was its Chairman in 2002.

Rade has authored a number of papers for academic journals and magazines on various actuarial and public policy issues.  He is currently the Casualty Actuarial Society Liaison to the Australian Institute of Actuaries and serves on several committees for the actuarial profession.

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