Climate Futures

Climate Futures


Speaker: Anissa Lawrence, Director of Tierra Mar Consulting
When: Tuesday 6th September 2011, 1.00-2.00pm
Location: Building E6A Room 102
Audience: Academics, staff, students and industry

Abstract: Coastal ecosystems, in particular seagrasses, tidal salt marshes and mangroves are known as blue carbon sinks and sequester and store carbon from the atmosphere at rates of up to 5 times those of tropical forests. The Asia Pacific region, in particular the Coral Triangle region of South East Asia, contains the majority of the world’s mangroves and seagrass and there is growing interest in the role of these ecosystems in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies across the region. As part of a global Blue Carbon initiative, Anissa Lawrence has been working with a number of organisations to establish an Asia Pacific Blue carbon working group, comprised of a range of experts from across the region with the intention of commencing two collaborative Blue Carbon projects, one in South East Asia, focused on the Coral Triangle, and the other in the Pacific.

The overall aim of the blue carbon initiative is to mainstream a Blue Carbon agenda into regional, national and community climate change initiatives in the Coral Triangle and Pacific regions, in line with initiatives already underway, including the Coral Triangle Initiative. It also seeks to provide information, awareness raising and capacity building to support coastal communities in protecting and managing their Blue Carbon resources, focusing primarily on climate change adaptation, but also for potential mitigation efforts in the future. Anissa will talk about the role of coastal ecosystems in climate change adaptation and mitigation as a part of the solution for vulnerable communities, where Blue Carbon science and policy discussions are up to and what is happening in our region of the world on the ground.

Bio: With a diverse background in environmental science, coastal and marine natural resource management (NRM) and conservation, environmental communication, finance and risk management, Anissa has over 20 years experience in developing and communicating strategic solutions and managing people, projects and businesses towards sustainability. She held senior positions in a number of leading international environmental consulting and professional services firms, as well as in the not for profit conservation sector. Anissa’s current focus is on building the capacity of NRM and conservation program delivery agents to achieve better outcomes across Asia Pacific. This work has included strategic assistance to develop conservation and NRM frameworks, as well as program development, implementation, evaluation and review of on ground conservation and NRM projects. She is currently assisting a number of organisations to develop and deliver Blue Carbon programs across Asia Pacific and Australia.

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