Climate Futures

Climate Futures

March 22nd 2010


Speaker: Professor John McAneney
Time: 1.00 - 2.00pm
Location: E5A 107
Audience: Everyone

Abstract: Globally, economic and insured losses from natural disasters are increasing dramatically. This presentation will summarise results from recent studies undertaken both at Risk Frontiers and internationally to understand the causes underlying this increase, including the possible role of anthropogenic climate change.

Bio: Professor John McAneney is the Director of Risk Frontiers, an independent Research Centre at Macquarie University. Risk Frontiers is largely funded by the insurance industry to help it better understand and price catastrophe risks in the Asia-Pacific region. Risk Frontiers is also increasingly involved in research devoted to emergency management. Risk Frontiers recently undertook a study for NCCARF assessing the lessons learned from Cyclone Tracy, the engineering and institutional responses that event invoked and the relevance of these lessons to a world threatened by global climate change.

Professor John McAneney's specialist expertise is quantitative Risk Assesment and Decision Analysis. His research background includes environmental physics, weather risk and financial risk modelling.

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