Climate Futures

Climate Futures


Speaker: Dr Nicky Morrison
When: Tuesday 15th November 2011
Time: 1.00-2.00pm
Location: Building E6A Room 102
Audience: Academics, staff and students

Abstact: The housing sector can play a vital role in climate change mitigation through existing households reducing their energy consumption patterns as well as adopting energy efficiency measures in their homes. Yet the scope for making such energy efficiency gains is dependent upon the capacity and willingness of households to act.  Traditionally, the approach used to motivate households has centred on prompting individual household behaviour, particularly through information campaigns. The purpose of this paper is to explore whether social networks could provide a more effective way to access procedural knowledge as well as normative and impact knowledge with respect to what others are doing and why. Moreover, by engaging individuals as members of their community, pro environmental behaviour could be collectively reinforced towards an altruistic `bigger than self’ goal to help curb climate change.

Bio: Dr Nicky Morrison is a University Lecturer in the Department of Land Economy, Senior Associate of Cambridge Centre for Planning and Housing Research and a Fellow at St Edmunds college at the University of Cambridge, UK.

She is the coordinator of the Department's undergraduate and master-level courses in housing and regeneration. Her research focuses on comparative housing and urban planning, and in particular on community engagement in housing-related initiatives. At an international level, she has collaborated with a number of European academics on comparative housing and neighbourhood renewal projects, funded by the European Commission, as well as the Nordic-Baltic, German and UK governments.

Since September 2010, she has been invited to China three times to advise the Shenzhen municipal government on their `Housing and Urban Plan (2010-2015)', particularly the affordable housing provision across the city.

More locally, she is on the steering committee of the `2030 Vision project for the Cambridge sub-region', and is organising the `Housing 2030' part of this community stakeholder project. Nicky is a Board member of a national non-profit Housing Association, one of the directors of Cambridge City Centre Partnership Ltd and is a trustee of a local Community Association.

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